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  1. BayAreaKen

    My Turbo S Review After A Few Days

    I’ve had night vision in my 650 since 2012. Wouldn’t buy another car without it. It truly sees things you simply can’t. Including that one time it spotted a person hiding in my bushes (couldn’t hide his body heat). I flashed my high beams and told him I’m about to call the police and he ran...
  2. BayAreaKen

    Charging at home

    You said it right there: It's 2020. What a shit year! ;-)
  3. BayAreaKen

    Stuck in Big Sur, no charger!

    For those who have never been there, this is the view from The Post Ranch Inn. Yeah, it's nice. When I next go there, it will be with a TeslaTap in my frunk (car arrives in September! LOL)
  4. BayAreaKen

    12V battery problem issue with your Taycan?

    After seeing @louv post in April wherein he "breaks his Taycan" and others since reporting on the same issue AND me not being an electrical engineer, I have to say my anxiety is creeping up. What I have learned so far: For some people, the Taycan is an exercise in technical problem solving...
  5. BayAreaKen

    GENTIAN BLUE Taycan Club

    It think it looks great. I ordered the Olea Basalt Black / Atacama Beige interior and red seat belts just for the contrast. I also got the blue lights, but think they look great on your car (so they should look good on mine!), but really I wanted the Dynamic Light System. Have you noticed how...
  6. BayAreaKen

    Bose System Aftermarket Upgrades

    Which is better: the strong FM signal or the SiriusXM?
  7. BayAreaKen

    Taycan Turbo S Narrated Production Video - Inside the Factory | Full Documentary

    I love how the narrator says " fits into the Taycan's lightweight design concept." Yes, it was a concept to make a light car. But at 2.5 tons, I don't think they succeeded!
  8. BayAreaKen

    Near disaster, but is it charger(s) or car? (UPDATE: it's the car)

    My car is coming in 2 months. You guys aren't filling me with confidence!
  9. BayAreaKen

    Greetings Bay Area ppl!

    Thank you very much. I found Willow Glen Electric from a referral from my neighbor and concur with your assessment at their professionalism. Top notch service and reasonably priced compared to others. In fact, they were $1,000 under one quote AND they included pulling the permit. Highly...
  10. BayAreaKen

    Taycan Turbo S Races the BMW M8 Competition Gran Coupe

    For sure. My father always said that gas is the cheapest thing you'll put in your car. But I'm not pondering this question for economical reasons. If anything, it's ecological. How much fuel do these drag races burn, and how much does it cost to do them?
  11. BayAreaKen

    Taycan Turbo S Races the BMW M8 Competition Gran Coupe

    I still like the cockpit of the M8 though. It would be fascinating to see the "cost" comparison (in gasoline vs electricity) for these drag races. That is, how much premium fuel did the M8 use vs how much electricity the Taycan used?
  12. BayAreaKen

    Greetings Bay Area ppl!

    I live in Mountain View. I see your car is supposed to arrive in September. My build looks like it will arrive in Benicia on September 4. When is yours expected?
  13. BayAreaKen

    Greetings Bay Area ppl!

    Heya Bay Area Peeps. As my car is nearly done with being built, I need to get ready for it. Here is some information I’m looking for. If you have referrals, please let me/us know! An electrician. Yup, I need to plumb the garage for a new plug. If you’ve used someone you recommend, let me/us...
  14. BayAreaKen


    What is "the HUD"?
  15. BayAreaKen

    MSRP Dealers (selling Taycan with no price mark-up)

    One of my clients searched for a Taycan and found a Turbo in a SF Bay Area dealer. Went up and bought it on the spot for "a few thousand off of MSRP." It can happen.
  16. BayAreaKen

    GENTIAN BLUE Taycan Club

    I got my build changed from Volcano Grey to Gentian Blue about one day before it was locked. Now I wait. Estimated time of delivery...mid to late September.
  17. BayAreaKen

    Greetings Bay Area ppl!

    Hey all. I'm in Mountain View, using Stevens Creek Porsche as my dealer. I was number 49 on the complete list. Was supposed to have an April lock, but it locked in May. I really don't know if it was started or not. They don't really communicate with me proactively (but always respond to...
  18. BayAreaKen

    First official look: 7 new colors for 2021 Taycan: Neptune Blue, Cherry, Frozenberry, Coffee Beige, Mohagony, Ice Grey, Crayon

    Liking me some Cherry (or Mahogany). Alas, my build is frozen, and for all I know, started being built, as a Gentian Blue beauty. Which still rocks.
  19. BayAreaKen

    Covid-19 - are you cancelling?

    I'm unclear why you believe the worst is past. With so many people up and about and mingling and whatnot, I'm predicting by the middle of June the numbers really start to spike again. And since this genie is out of the bottle, it's not likely going to go back in. Getting people out of their...