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  1. NEMA 14-50 Supply cable heat data

    No, this is the factory 14-50 power whip. I have two of them. The slightly melted one is with my dealer and Porsche. Toby
  2. NEMA 14-50 Supply cable heat data

    Here's a picture of the information tag wrapped around the 14-50 power whip (7PP-971-678-ED, also known as "Charge cable for mains socket"):
  3. A Report: Taycan charging w/ Tesla Wall Charger [GEN2] - Load Sharing configuration

    Those prices are right off a two-week old invoice. Oh, and I would not bother just yet running down to your local Porsche dealer here in the US to buy this stuff. The PMCC unit takes about six weeks or more to come from Germany. And none of the Porsche Parts warehouses in the US have ANY of...
  4. A Report: Taycan charging w/ Tesla Wall Charger [GEN2] - Load Sharing configuration

    OBTW, PMCC's web interface allows you access to Charging diagnostics. I can confirm that PCNA now has the diagnostics from the PMCC for my VERY HOT charging session last Saturday evening.
  5. A Report: Taycan charging w/ Tesla Wall Charger [GEN2] - Load Sharing configuration

    OK, OK....... no need to rub it in! :like:
  6. A Report: Taycan charging w/ Tesla Wall Charger [GEN2] - Load Sharing configuration

    Dave, You do have the option to disable the PIN on the PMCC. Use the web interface to PMCC for a better experience...........
  7. A Report: Taycan charging w/ Tesla Wall Charger [GEN2] - Load Sharing configuration

    Just FYI. The cost of the PMCC (7PP-971-675-BL) purchased by itself, is $2093.88. The cost of the 25 foot car charging cable (7PP-971-676-BC) is $927.95. The cost of the 14-50 power whip (7PP-971-678-ED) is $203.42. The cost of the "Fixing Set" (the 2 M4x10 countersunk Torx screws and the...
  8. Ditch the PMCC (for now)?

    Thanks Dave. Would be nice if the DC Fast Charger manufacturers would offer a "home" option that is not as costly. We don't need RFID readers or credit card readers at home. The other thing I find interesting is the surcharge for a single phase setup. Most US houses have single phase...
  9. Ditch the PMCC (for now)?

    Dave, What has been your experience, if any, with the Clipper Creek EVSE? Thinking about the HCS-60. Toby
  10. Unable to login with Porsche ID

    Reg, Your situation is another well-documented outcome of Porsche's Connect servers/services NOT being available. You will have to be patient for Porsche to get the Connect services back online before you will be able to login. It's frustrating, I know. I experienced your situation when I...
  11. NEMA 14-50 Supply cable heat data

    After having my car updated with the WLG2 update yesterday, I understand that my dealer is opening an internal support ticket with PCNA regarding the heating situation with the 40-amp power whip. If I hear any more detail, I will provide that data here in this thread. Toby
  12. NEMA 14-50 Supply cable heat data

    KenU, The part number for the "power whip" that connects the PMCC to a 40-Amp power supply is 7PP-971-678-ED. In Porsche "parlance" the part is called "Charge cable for mains socket". Be aware that this supply cable is built from 10AWG wiring, which many here in this thread (me included) are...
  13. Unable to login with Porsche ID

    You've encountered the operational stability issues that have dogged Porsche for quite some time. Porsche is relatively new to the game of integrating relatively "smart" car with a bunch of application software and services running in somebody's "cloud". I believe that Porsche has farmed out...
  14. NEMA 14-50 Supply cable heat data

    Generally, I would agree. Only immediate issue I see is that the power whip for the PMCC shows a valid temperature range on its disclosure tag of a max of 122F. 139.4F is quite a bit outside of that range.
  15. NEMA 14-50 Supply cable heat data

    So I checked my charger after just over 2 hours of charge this evening. The 14-50 plug on the Porsche power whip (the supply to the PMCC) was 134.9F! The power whip itself was 119F. Even the box containing the 14-50 receptacle was around 135F. I had the electrician who installed the setup...
  16. WLG2 Campaign -- software updates

    I did notice that the ChargingAmerica app had an update yesterday. Can it be??? Porsche and EA actually talk to each other??
  17. Stuck in Big Sur, no charger!

    Please see the EV Road Warriors thread on this site. TeslaTap and a range of adapters coupled with your Mobile Connect Charger need to stay in your car when you are on the road. And BRAVO ZULU to daveo4porsche. Well done Dave!!!!!!!! Toby
  18. Observed Behavior: North American 2020 Taycan has max 11 kW L2 charger (48 amps) not max 9.6 kW (40 amps)

    Dave at TeslaTap is/was GREAT!!!! He is working with me to exchange my 40-Amp TeslaTap for an 80-Amp version. Very knowledgeable guy offering GREAT customer service!!! Toby
  19. EV Roadwarrior adapters “kit”

    Drat!!! I have the 40-amp version. Anybody want to buy mine so I can "trade-up" to the 80-amp model? Toby
  20. Electricfy America charging tips

    Thank you for reminding me to contact the Porsche Connect folks! I will call this morning and advise them about these chargers in Fort Worth. I also STILL have an open ticket on having a second profile enabled for the free charging (my wife's account). I sent quite a bit of documentation...