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  1. Canceled my 4S Order, Purchased Dealer Demo Turbo Instead

    Wow, congratulations on that beautiful car. Excited to hear about your ownership experience as you drive it more. Especially charging/range. If anyone can't resist their itch anymore, I've got three Taycans readily available, one being a Volcano Grey demo. Located in SW United States. White 4S...
  2. Taycan 4s April delivery

    Taycan 4S available @ now. New, unpunched, White over Black with heavy equipment list. If anyone is interested, happy to connect.
  3. Porsche SA online here... ask your Taycan questions

    Great question! We also are uncertain as to why Apple CarPlay is wired at this time with this MY20 year. Perhaps, similar to Cayenne, we will see this come into play on the next model year, but unannounced at this time. MY19 Cayenne had wired, MY20 was quietly released with wireless, etc...
  4. Porsche SA online here... ask your Taycan questions

    Hello! PTS (paint to sample) is not going to be offered for Taycan at this time. No ETA on availability, it's not on the schedule for the upcoming year.
  5. Porsche SA online here... ask your Taycan questions

    Hi there! Thanks for the note about the questions I may get...haha...made an edit. And to your question about the delay, there is nothing published internally right now. Historically, I can say it has happened on occasion for delays of other cars. However, Porsche may have their hands tied here...
  6. Porsche SA online here... ask your Taycan questions

    Hello All, Newbie to the forum here, but really glad to have stumbled upon a group of EV enthusiasts. I myself am a Porsche Brand Ambassador located in the Southwest, USA. I hope to be a good resource to all of you, as I'm not certain as to whether you've had someone who actually works at...