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  1. Gogs

    Stuck in Southampton!!!!

    Did you get sorted?
  2. Gogs

    Stuck in Southampton!!!!

    Look for DC with CCS connection. In Scotland all the DC chargers I’ve been at have both CCS and Chademo, which does not fit.
  3. Gogs

    Stuck in Southampton!!!!

    Try DC chargers. They are always tethered. In the UK most AC chargers require a Type 2 cable. But your road tripping so DC is faster at charging that AC.
  4. Gogs

    Which split interior leather option?

    I’ve never noticed. Away to take a look. If it looks wrong I’ll post.
  5. Gogs

    Random Precooling/heating

    I guess it must be. I turned the function off and it hasn’t done it since. So I’ll turn back in. Quite cool if it works, which to be fair it sounds like it does.
  6. Gogs

    Ditch the PMCC (for now)?

    I dont think components used in charging will affect warranty. I do believe that charging for daily use at 85% is important as they may look at logs if you claim a battery warranty claim.
  7. Gogs

    Help on SIM / wifi connection please

    Just call German dealer. Ask activate sim for travelling to Turkey.
  8. Gogs

    Help on SIM / wifi connection please

    Getmsny dealer got activate sim. Tell them you need active in Turkey, if they say no, then ask what happen if German travel to Turkey in Taycan.
  9. Gogs

    Help on SIM / wifi connection please

    Correct, I know of no other way to connect Taycan to internet without sim being active.
  10. Gogs

    Which split interior leather option?

    Thank you. Yeah, I really like it. Because the cabin isn’t very airy, even with the glass roof, the light seat colours open the car up a bit. I’ve protected the leather as well with leather shield to try keep clean.
  11. Gogs

    Business partners 4s Picked up yesterday Porsche Chester

    Nice car. Love the turning driveway as well. Handy, assume you just drive in and hit a homelink button to turn the car?
  12. Gogs

    Which split interior leather option?

    Here is some chalk pics for you. 18 way seats.
  13. Gogs

    UK Porsche mobile charge connect - what output with 32A commando socket

    Mine is 22Kw 32 Amp. I got it installed on three phase with 32Amp breakers so it is capable of 22KW. The car of course negotiations at 11Kw.
  14. Gogs

    A Report: Taycan charging w/ Tesla Wall Charger [GEN2] - Load Sharing configuration

    Zappi is really good. I’m about to pull the trigger on solar panels to feed into it.
  15. Gogs

    Massage option or 18 way seat - You choose?

    The 18 way seats are very comfortable.
  16. Gogs

    Help on SIM / wifi connection please

    You will need to get the SIM card activated by Porsche in Germany where you bought the car. It is possible that European drivers could drive through Turkey so the SIM card should continue to work in my opinion. It is a digital sim so there is no other way of connecting the car to the internet at...
  17. Gogs

    New software update and rear camera replacement today

    @jetbox I think your a trouble maker! Does the 5 mile travel rule apply to Taycan owners! Lol.
  18. Gogs

    Back seats 2+1

    Interesting. I’ve got that option as well but didn’t think it may help resale. I can’t see me ever having more that 3 passengers in the car.
  19. Gogs

    30 Min Free Charge - How to set up account

    Exactly how I’ve done it for the turbo chargers. Works great.