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  1. Help with wheels

    They look awesome. I'm just not sure I want to deal with the maintenance of a black car with black wheels. Might let the wife choose.
  2. Help with wheels

    Gloss black, without question. I'm still finalizing my build and considering the Mission E wheels in platinum satin for this reason. Afraid of the gloss black.
  3. Help with wheels

    You might want to think twice about 21s if you drive on really bad roads but the 20s still have plenty of rubber to them. IMHO the 19s mainly exist for people who want to use them as winters or as a free option for those who are planning on buying aftermarket rims.
  4. Just ordered....

    It varies widely by country and at least in the US, by build. If you order a weird color/PTS or load up a lower trim with options, they'll ask for more because they're worried they won't be able to move it if you flake out. Otherwise, dealers in the US don't tend to ask for much. It's very...
  5. Tinting Windows

    I have the thermal glass on my Macan and it's great. I still put tint on top of it for even more heat rejection since I park outside at work. It's very luxurious but it is a PITA in terms of cell phone signal and the gate to my neighborhood. Toll pass isn't an issue if you just place it in the...
  6. Taycan Cross Turismo Wagon Virtually Fully Uncovered

    The rear 3/4 will look like the Macan but with the new Panamera-style light bar.
  7. Porsche Connect Update!

    I fought this battle (on the pro-tech side) for years on the Macan Forum. The main moderator's position was "Porsche doesn't do fancy electronics, period." The bottom line is that most Porsche customers haven't cared for years so Porsche hasn't cared. But their business changed with the...
  8. 4s vs turbo

    iPhone shrug emoji turned into Mars symbol on the page. Oops If I was coming from a more pedestrian vehicle is feel differently but my tuned Macan Turbo has almost 20% more hp-to-weight than the 4S outside , non-overboost. If I had a toy car I'd definitely do the 4S but I live in the city so...
  9. Silencing the Trunk Beeper

    I don't know - I wanted it off. Also FYI changing the setting doesn't compromise safety in any way because it will still beep for an obstruction.
  10. 4s vs turbo

    I haven't driven the Turbo yet because my dealer only has two 4Ses outside & a $210k Turbo S in the showroom. But I know the deal - the 4S is about as fast as my Macan Turbo, which has the older 3.6L (no replacement for displacement!), a tune, and an exhaust. The Turbo is melt-your-face-off...
  11. Silencing the Trunk Beeper

    They were a bit cranky about it but my dealer turned this off on my Macan. It's a setting they can change with PIWIS. If your SA says no, make him ask a tech. Keep in mind that the dealer knowledge level on the Taycan is extremely low because it's so new. I went through this buying a launch...
  12. 4s vs turbo

    I'm in the US so some of the tax treatment is different but I'm going through the same thing & I went through this before with my Macan (ended up with the Turbo). It really boils down to options & comparing standard features. If you are adding items that are standard on the turbo to your 4S...