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  1. My Turbo S Review After A Few Days

    I have had more noises since then unfortunately. Thanks for your post!
  2. My Turbo S Review After A Few Days

    Indeed he has.. :) Photoshop used to protect the innocent :)
  3. My Turbo S Review After A Few Days

    Thanks ron, I didn't think about using voice control. That's good to know. Since writing the post I watched the video gogs did and followed it but my car seems to have a mind of it's own (or I screwed up). I've also read more about the 85% charge. It is just one of those things I didn't know...
  4. Setting up for charging in garage

    I've been having problems from day one with the charging. I had one day when it charged to 85% but mostly the charge was over 85%. I decided to start again. I set a timer to precool to 20 deg at 7:45am. I set the general profile to "MIN" 85%, preferred charge times 23:00 to 7:00 and left my...
  5. FROZEN BLUE Taycan Club

    Wow felix that is a very cool look indeed. I'm not a frozen blue fan really but that looks awesome. Clever use of colour.
  6. My Turbo S Review After A Few Days

    Wow.. that must have been quite a disturbing experience!
  7. In action: Full Surround View Camera (360 Degree) on Taycan

    I had the surround view on the M5 and now have the Taycan with it. The Taycan version is different. By default when reversing you get a very distorted view. It is just a software thing and deliberate because it can be changed with a screen press easily. I would say that the two systems are...
  8. How to set to profile to only charge to 85%

    Once there are plenty of the 350w chargers I totally agree but there aren't that many at all at the moment. I don't do many long trips but I don't always know much in advance that one will be needed. As mentioned it is slightly irritating for me but I have other vehicles so really it is yet...
  9. Odd Armrest

    Exactly the same problem. What a stupid design quirk. If anyone comes up with a nice looking fix please share! Hmm I think I know what you are suggesting. Might try that. However failing that.. I might just use an old rusty hinge :)
  10. How to set to profile to only charge to 85%

    It is mentioned as 83.7 kwh (actual usuable) on several sites but finding a good source was more tricky until I noticed it in the current brochure!. Source: So it seems to be true that Porsche hold batteries in reserve...
  11. My Turbo S Review After A Few Days

    Blades or Owls.. Sheffield is my nearest dealer but I don't live there.. neither for me bangersandmash! Night vision.. Well when I ticked the box the dealer looked at me like I had lost the plot. But I like the feature, it seems to work well and .. I like gadgets! :)
  12. How to set to profile to only charge to 85%

    This is exactly the impression I was under too but this doesn't seem to be the case. The dealer was charging their demo to 85%, the Porsche website says this when setting up the timer profiles: Charge Target state of charge 85% In order to optimise the service life of your battery, you should...
  13. My Turbo S Review After A Few Days

    Pre delivery work in progress! Just before I got it: I decided to get a Taycan last year because it pressed a lot more buttons for me than a Tesla and aside from the fact that this is probably the future, I fancied a significant change. Over the last month I have driven a Taycan Turbo...
  14. GENTIAN BLUE Taycan Club

    Number plate is fake :) Just a photoshop. I'm going to do a short review soon. However.. whilst there are many pros and a few cons.. one thing stuck out today. Launch control. Pulling 1.2gs from a standstill is an experience! I've had several fast cars but this was the first time I felt my...
  15. It finally arrived! Jet Black 4S

    Good move with the wheel colour. Very nice Dustin, enjoy in good health!
  16. Finally... Gentian Blue Turbo S is here!

    Haha, you gave me a laugh at 11pm on a Friday night :)
  17. Finally... Gentian Blue Turbo S is here!

    Ah... if only matey. No, that's just an adjusted version of my plate photoshopped :)
  18. Finally... Gentian Blue Turbo S is here!

    Ouch that's tough. Hard to know why yours got so delayed. With you being mainland EU at least you don't have ships to deal with so hopefully not too long now :)
  19. Finally... Gentian Blue Turbo S is here!

    Without going into too much detail. My car was built on the 3rd of June. It left Emden on either the 16th or 17th of July. It arrived at the dealer on the 29th of July.
  20. Finally... Gentian Blue Turbo S is here!

    My car was originally due late May early June but understandably it was delayed because of the virus. Then it got further delayed by the Quality check (or whatever!) arrived in the UK a week or two ago and then all went quiet again. I gradually lost faith in it arriving altogether and on the...