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  1. WLG2 Campaign -- software updates

    Regarding OTA: I think one of the main roadblocks for the legacy manufacturers is standardization. Tesla has dealt with this topic many years ago and figured out a solution of their own. But the legacy OEMs now each for themselves (supposedly) have to figure out a solution. And the suppliers...
  2. Got a 22kw charger in Estonia

    OK, but that doesn't mean that the CAR can actually charge at 22 kW.
  3. New Features on 2021 Taycan

    And I in return heard that 22 kW will NOT be available in 2020 even when it’s a MY21. and that happens to coincide with an Audi press release that the 22kW charger will become available for all e-tron models with the upcoming introduction of the e-tron S in the fall, but that the 22 kW will NOT...
  4. Porsche opens its electric mobility exhibition with Taycan sports car on display - ht auto

    I used to be in Berlin at least half a dozen times per year on business, staying right around the corner from this DRIVE flagship store of the VW group. And this was always must-see POI on my trips, as they usually exhibit the latest and greatest models from all over the VW group. And also...
  5. 2021 Taycan allocations now available in the US

    Thanks for posting this. To be honest, even though it says MY 2021 in the header I wonder why the 150 kW DCDC Converter is still an option as according to my information with MY21 this will be standard equipment. But maybe Porsche is handling it differently in different markets?!
  6. 150kW DC on-board booster

    With MY21, which you might get anyway if you have not ordered yet, the 150 kW DCDC will be standard equipment and no longer optional.
  7. Taycan configurator down!

    My sales rep HOPES next week. As end of next week my configuration will be fixed and I would not know any official prices in advance.
  8. Taycan configurator down!

    Sounds like the Apple webstore being down during a keynote to come back up afterwards with the newly announced products...
  9. “Electric” Badge - Did you?

    He has it because it’s a Turbo S!
  10. “Electric” Badge - Did you?

    I also added the electric badge to my 4S simply to make a statement about electrification. And I guess that is also Porsche’s Intention as it is one of the very rare FREE options. However with a dolomite silver exterior it is not that prominent. I would have liked To have the black badges but I...
  11. Porsche Connect App rant

    I think many of the connection issues here (certainly not all) are caused by server issues, ie neither the app, nor the car are at fault. Until May I had an Audi e-tron and the very same issues. It turned out that all brands of the VW group seem to use the same system for remote control of the...
  12. Model year cut-off date?

    As for the original topic: I heard the summer holiday shutdown is in August, but I don’t know exactly when and for how long. School holidays here in Baden-Württemberg start on July 27th. So it‘s some time after that.
  13. Model year cut-off date?

    I can hardly imagine that. I have a Sept production date with MY21. What he might have meant or misunderstood is that his dealership has booked all his allocation for this year. Or that there is no allocation for the US anymore this year? After all, you were the first ones to get your hands on...
  14. New Features on 2021 Taycan

    I had my sales rep place an inquiry with Porsche Germany: In the German configurator for the Cayenne the active Park assist can be combined with the LCA. No problem at all. That made me consider that the still unreleased configurator for MY21 maybe has a bug and therefore does not allow the...
  15. Taycan Waiting Room: Who has ordered and a delivery date?

    Now, I just received the very same email as you did, but still nothing in the app or the web portal of myporsche. Maybe I have to be patient. I replied to this email, asking if I needed to do anything. But according to you it was there on its own. EDIT: I just now looked again, and there it...
  16. New Features on 2021 Taycan

    It is as following to my understanding: Park Assist with surround view + LCA (Spurwechselassistent) is possible with MY21 as it was already available with MY20. Alternatively, for MY21 you can now have the new ACTIVE park assist (including surround view) but WITHOUT the LCA. as explained...
  17. Taycan Waiting Room: Who has ordered and a delivery date?

    Some new Taycans that just have left production in Zuffenhausen and entering the highway towards Emden.
  18. New Features on 2021 Taycan

    From the description in the German configurator LCA in Taycan only includes a radar sensor that detects an incoming vehicle before it rears into you and starts the warning lights to alert this vehicle.
  19. New Features on 2021 Taycan

    I am indeed still a bit torn between the two. Some features of the active parking assist I would also consider safety relevant, e.g. if you back out of a parking space and there is cross traffic that you cannot see. Especially with the bad visibility out the back of the Taycan. I had that very...
  20. New Features on 2021 Taycan

    , I can confirm that if you select the active parking assistant in the MY21 configurator it will deselect the lane change assist! However, the detailed description of the active parking assistant does NOT cover the functionality of the lane change assist! My interpretation is that they don‘t...