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  1. Detailing & Xpel Wrap

    I need that now for my wait until February for mine. But related to this thread. Does anyone have an opinion getting the wrap from the dealer vs. a third party?
  2. Ordering a 4S blind

    Great, now I am questioning my choice of the Black/ Bordeaux Red seats in a Dolomite Silver car. :p I see that is $4700 USD over the standard interior and my second choice would be the gray leather at $4130 USD. I think I have at least until October before it locks.
  3. Just ordered....

    OK, just plunked down my 10%. Build should start in December and be delivered in February. This wait is going to kill me.
  4. All Weather Floor Mats

    Agree. I will probably still go with WeatherTech mats since Minnesota winters are snowy and there is a lot of slop.
  5. Taycan Cross Turismo Wagon Virtually Fully Uncovered

    If you look closely at the back windows it looks like some extra material like cardboard is taped on. I am putting in an order for a 2021 with the plan of switching it to a turismo if I like the looks. I would prefer something that looks more like the Panamera Turismo. I am hoping what I don't...
  6. Just ordered....

    I have not hashed out all the details yet, I will probably do that next week. In my case my goal is to secure a spot in line for a regular 4S now. If the Turismo is announced and I decide I really want that model I would not mind losing my place. What I am trying to avoid is either the Turismo...
  7. Just ordered....

    I just paid my $2500 for a slot at my local dealer in Minnesota, USA. The slot is for a 2021 that will go into production in December and arrive here in February (most likely). It sounds like the dealer wants 10 to 15% down when it goes into production. Though there was some confusing talk over...
  8. Model year cut-off date?

    I am not seeing the new model year on the online configuration tool, did you order directly through the dealer? Perhaps I should call a dealer. (Though I would like to see the Turismo)
  9. Mission-E wheels fit Taycan 4S with the standard brakes?

    I am in Minnesota and plan to use the Taycan as an all year car. Does anyone have an opinion on whether the 21" wheels would be worse for winter driving in the snow? I can't think of a reason it would perform worse but I thought I would ask. I would be happy with 20" rims but honestly none of...
  10. Dash cams

    I really wish dash cam functionality was just built in with the existing cameras.
  11. Model year cut-off date?

    I just asked a salesperson at my local dealer and they said production on the Taycan has stopped for the remainder of the year. That seems contrary to statements I have seen on this forum about production ramping up. Any thoughts on this? Thanks
  12. How good is the Taycan’s navigation system?

    CarPlay is supposed to support secondary displays, has anyone seen if this supported in the Taycan? I forgot to look during my test drive.
  13. Setting up for charging in garage

    Perfect, thanks. For others here are direct links to the posts with photos:
  14. Setting up for charging in garage

    I don't have a Taycan ordered yet but plan to order a MY2021. Has anyone mounted the charger to a wall without the Porsche wall mount? Pictures? Thanks.