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  1. Got It !!!!!

    I wanted to give them a chance to see the best!
  2. Got It !!!!!

    I picked my new baby up this weekend. I got it at Fremont (CA) Porsche. The dealer is down the street from the Tesla plant so I couldn't resist getting this pic ;). It's even better than expected. I really love the wheels. I'm getting used to driving an automatic after driving a stick for 4...
  3. Power Charge Port Cover

    Does anyone know if the power charge port cover can be added after market?
  4. I Cancelled My Order !

    I've wanted the Taycan since it was announced. I put down a deposit as soon as they opened. This will be the 5th Porsche I've owned. I would already have received my original order if the Covid shutdown hadn't happened. I guess something good actually came out of it since now I'm getting the...
  5. I Cancelled My Order !

    I posted last week about being remorseful about my Taycan order. I took all the replies into consideration and I did it; I cancelled my order that was in production and due in Sept. I was scared, but I just couldn't get comfortable with the idea that I was not getting what I really wanted...
  6. Taycan Dealer Pickup Checklist

    Agree, I await the answers since my car will be here in 2 weeks
  7. 2021 Taycan allocations now available in the US

    Exactly how I would have spec'd it except for the smoking pkg
  8. Just ordered....

    Congratulations, It's a little worrisome that the dealer wants more $ at production. Mine didn't. They don't have much confidence in the car being a success.
  9. Porsche Connect Update!

    What do you mean by #1 on purpose?
  10. Buyer"s Remorse?

    What bugs, quirks and poor design issues have you found?
  11. Buyer"s Remorse?

    Yeah, Innodrive is what I meant.
  12. Buyer"s Remorse?

    Thanks, I had the Taycan numbers wrong. I also got the 400+ but I didn't notice the "coming soon"
  13. Buyer"s Remorse?

    I would prefer different wheels (black) and additional things like adaptive cruise control and lane control.
  14. Buyer"s Remorse?

    I'm getting a little nervous. My Covid delayed Taycan is currently in production with a Sept due date. (by then it will be a "last year's model") I had a really bad experience with my dealer (previous post) and although I got some of the issues resolved I am not getting the exact car that I...
  15. Siem Confucius

    How do you know what ship your car is on? How can you track delivery? I thought Porsche originally said we would be sent updates throughout production. my dealer is worthless
  16. My Order Was Cancelled - HELP!!!!!!

    Congratulations!!!! I'm jealous :cool: I have only seen 1 Taycan around town so far
  17. My Order Was Cancelled - HELP!!!!!!

    Porsche of North America "motivated" the dealer to actually do something and lo and behold my original order has been reinstated. It will still be a little wait but that's covid's fault.
  18. My Order Was Cancelled - HELP!!!!!!

    The point is they cancelled the original order even though I said I'd stick with the color if it was too late to change. It was not past the lock date (according to the salesman)