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  1. kmcdonal

    Personalized License Plates - What’s Yours / What do you Suggest?

    I am thinking about a play on 800 volts.
  2. kmcdonal

    Has it lost the WOW factor?

    This week my Taycan was in the shop due to a minor parking mishap, but that is another story. Anyway, I went back to gas cars for the week, some of which are almost as quick as the Taycan on paper. However, the difference between the instant torque of the electric motor and having to shift...
  3. kmcdonal

    Random Precooling/heating

    Yeah, I get the same random messages too.
  4. kmcdonal

    Electrify America Poll

    I have had good luck in Lakewood but struggled in Frisco too. That Frisco station is so key for going to the mountains in Colorado. Colorado really needs another option or two on I70 so we are not so dependent on one station that doesn't seem to work reliably. Ski season is going to be tough...
  5. kmcdonal

    Has it lost the WOW factor?

    I came from owning Japanese sports cards (3rd gen RX-7, 350Z, WRX, etc.) and have driven a mix of high-end cars (911's, Ferrari, Lambo, Nissan GTR, etc.). This car leaves me speechless. The instant acceleration and the ridiculously high cornering limit (even on the all-season tires) are really...
  6. kmcdonal

    Dealing with the front license plate

    On a different car I got three tickets at DIA in long term parking (as well as several while parked in Boulder and Denver on the street). The final straw was getting pulled over by a cop while pulling into DIA to drop someone off. I don't want to give the cops any more reasons to pull me over...
  7. kmcdonal

    Recuperation Mode Impact on Range

    I am trying to understand the impact of recuperation mode on range. If I am reading the Good to Know app correctly, recuperation mode is slightly less efficient than having it off. I am thinking that is because when it is on, it sometimes initiates regen (forcing me later to draw from the...
  8. kmcdonal

    Concerns about panoramic roof and sun

    I have driven the car on multiple days in Colorado where it has been 95+ degrees. At a mile high, the sun is strong here. So far the car has been very comfortable. I haven't even had to take it off AC Eco. I am not sure the AC is as powerful as say a classic American car when they really...
  9. kmcdonal

    4s vs turbo

    I would test drive them and see if you can use the extra power. I usually am in favor of more power, but the 4S is pretty darn quick.
  10. kmcdonal

    Connect NA app for Android

    Are there others using the Porsche Connect for North America app on Android successfully? I would say the app works for me less than 5% of the time. The issues generally fall into one of three categories: I get a login error or the login process just stalls I get logged in, but it then logs...
  11. kmcdonal

    Taycan 4s driving efficiency in the high mountains of Colorado - much better than anticipated

    I did a good chunk of this drive myself today and was really impressed with the range I got out of my 4S. I left the house at 100% and supposedly 215 miles of charge. I drove 225 miles and had 30% left when I got back. I did not charge on my trip (see below). That implies a range of 321...
  12. kmcdonal

    Taycan 4s driving efficiency in the high mountains of Colorado - much better than anticipated

    Thanks for the post. I will be doing almost that exact drive tomorrow and was curious how the Taycan was going to do.
  13. kmcdonal

    Dealing with the front license plate

    I am in Colorado too and used to get ticketed every time I parked at Denver International Airport without a front license plate (in a prior car). I bit the bullet with the Taycan and had the dealership install it. I am not thrilled, but it doesn't look as bad as I thought it would.
  14. kmcdonal

    Serious Bug - No Porsche Account Showing

    This whole area has been pretty unreliable since I got my car two weeks ago. It took me about 10 days to be able to log into my account in my car. Since then the Porsche Connect app often says the car cannot connect with Porsche servers. See attached screenshot. The car itself is amazing...
  15. kmcdonal

    Official Taycan Owners Registry

    Just got my car - a Gentian Blue 4S with config code PL9LMRG0. The blue looks even better than I thought it would. Really amazed with the electric motor torque and the handling. Aside from a few software glitches, I really impressed.
  16. kmcdonal

    Porsche Connect App rant

    I couldn't get Porsche Connect to activate for the first 10 days but I finally got it to work yesterday. On the first 10 days with the car I would see a message like "SIM card invalid" or something like that. Yesterday I got in and noticed that I was not getting that error so I tried to...
  17. kmcdonal

    Charging Plug Stuck in Port and Won’t Release - Car is Stuck in Garage

    I took it to the dealership and they could find nothing in the log. No explanation for why I was getting a red light on the dash or why it got stuck. They are ordering a replacement for the manual release. Interestingly my electrician came by to tweak my home charging install, and he...
  18. kmcdonal

    Red Error Light on Charger Port

    Not sure if you are having the same issue as I had, but I had something similar. Read the post here -
  19. kmcdonal

    Charging Plug Stuck in Port and Won’t Release - Car is Stuck in Garage

    We kept tugging on the plug and it eventually came out. Will visit the dealership in the next few days to see what happened. Seems like the plug release button may have just been sticky, but we will see what the dealership finds.
  20. kmcdonal

    Charging Plug Stuck in Port and Won’t Release - Car is Stuck in Garage

    Thanks for the suggestions, guys. I have tried all of the above as well everything from tugging on the emergency unlock cord more to talking to the car. No joy so far. I think Porsche will have to step in here. I think the car is literally stuck.