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  1. TAYC4S

    Simoniz ceramic sealant

    Actually, that's not true when it comes to Porsche. Perhaps other car dealers are bad but at Porsche when my 911 was given a track pack it was done very well and for my other cars I used Reep who are one of the best in the UK for PPF and ceramics and even they said that Porsche GB dealers...
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    Neptune blue!

    but whilst in the picture its a lovely silver it does have blue hues in the light doesn't it?
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    Business partners 4s Picked up yesterday Porsche Chester

    It looks nice but is strange that in some pictures it looks more blue and others more grey silver. I like the grey silver but the blue silver I am not sure about. Or is it my eyes?
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    Charging at home

    German Engineering I guess :-) Thanks, this is good to know...
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    No Qi Wireless Charger in armrest

    According to what Porsche Reading told me it’s something to do with the fact that the Porsche wireless charging setup is power overrated, and therefore not certified for safe use in the UK. Seems weird to me but that’s what I was advised.
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    Charging at home

    Excellent, thank you! My car is nearing its build date so this type of information is useful. I will see if I can find an online manual to download to answer my many questions!
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    Charging at home

    So, I have a quick couple of questions I hope folks might have recommendations about. 1. If the car is parked in the garage when not being used for more than a few days, should it be kept plugged in and can it be setup to draw power to top-up the battery as needed, or does it have to be on a...
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    The 4S is back after full colour coding and PPS!

    Does this work out to be around the same cost as PPF as right now mine is getting PPF'd by Porsche when it arrives but maybe I will change if this provides the same protection and is similar or better yet, less than the cost of PPF? Also does it come with any guarantee? Thanks
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    Visit to the Taycan Factory @ Zuffenhausen ;)

    You should see what Audi does by comparison and they are part of the same family....
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    Visit to the Taycan Factory @ Zuffenhausen ;)

    Wow @Porsche really should put more protection film on these expensive new cars. I would hate to be the future owner of the one on the back of that trailer - i can only imagine the risk of paint damage whilst being transported!
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    Best home chargers UK

    The Andersen is good from a design perspective - WIFI enabled, OTA updates, good smartphone s/w and allows the cable to be wrapped around the unit and hidden. So if externally mounted it looks nice but... its one of the most expensive charging units compared to others for feature/function etc...
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    Standard or Extended Leather Interior

    Thanks that’s all really insightful ...
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    Standard or Extended Leather Interior

    Thanks - good to know
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    Standard or Extended Leather Interior

    What are people’s thoughts on whether to opt for just the standard interior or extended leather interior? Is the extended worth it given both have leather but obviously different amounts of leather?
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    150kW DC on-board booster

    Interesting - I have ordered (Feb 2020) but still waiting on my allocation slot details. Instead of the 150kW charger, I would rather they activate the wireless phone charging and resolve the phone accessibility issues others have been reporting :) - Thanks for letting me know though!
  16. TAYC4S

    150kW DC on-board booster

    Thanks! Removed - paid for the very expensive mp3 sound instead :) must be the most expensive mp3 soundtrack I have bought...
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    150kW DC-DC converter option

    Thanks! Removed...
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    150kW DC on-board booster

    I was told that this is a wasted option to be added on UK cars as generally all DC chargers in the UK above 50kW will be 800v systems as opposed to 400v. In other words you would not benefit from this in the UK and it was designed principally for chargers in the rest of Europe (where a lot of...
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    1 Month Owner of 4s Review - the Good, Bad, and Ugly.

    You should post this on the Porsche Twitter Account - its amazing how fast companies of all shapes and sizes respond to anything posted on Social Media...
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    Porsche Reinvents the Brake Rotor With PSCB (No Rust, Low Dust, No Fade!) – Engineering Explained

    Is that true? That does not sound correct to me. I heard it is more like £2,500....