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  1. DOLOMITE SILVER Taycan Club

    New update: car is leaving Stuttgart tomorrow and my pick up date is next Wednesday 19th. Well that is the latest information so 6th time lucky for the delivery
  2. Official Taycan Owners Registry

    Dealer just sent me an email that the factory has promised a stud report by Friday latest. Let’s see if this time they respond!!
  3. DOLOMITE SILVER Taycan Club

    Yeah 5 confirmed deliveries and each time a few days before collection oops sorry not arrived
  4. Official Taycan Owners Registry

    When did you order and what delivery date did you have? Almost at 11 months now for mine in Austria 4 months later than planned and still no sign
  5. DOLOMITE SILVER Taycan Club

    Might go down that route. Going on holiday this week so if not delivered or at least news by next week will take action and probably legal too
  6. DOLOMITE SILVER Taycan Club

    Would send pics in a heart beat only trouble is my car has not been delivered. Finished but stopped for quality issue. Been 3 weeks now and still no info on when it will be delivered
  7. Finally... Gentian Blue Turbo S is here!

    Thanks for the info. Mine was ordered in September with delivery in April. Then Covid had 5 promised delivery dates but finally finished 15th July. Hoping for delivery soon but no idea. Almost 11 months now
  8. Finally... Gentian Blue Turbo S is here!

    Congratulations on the car she is a beauty. Can you tell me how long the quality check was for you? I have been waiting two and a half weeks since mine was finished for this so called quality check with no more information.
  9. DOLOMITE SILVER Taycan Club

    Still waiting with no info on delivery. Quality issue apparently (crying):mad:
  10. Don Breaks His Taycan - The Saga of the 12v Battery

    I read approx 120mins For update on the pdf on next page
  11. Taycan Waiting Room: Who has ordered and a delivery date?

    Ordered in September with build date April
  12. Taycan Waiting Room: Who has ordered and a delivery date?

    Don't be so sure i am still waiting for my 4S ordered in September 2019. Was due in April but then Covid and since 5 promised deliveries not met!!! Spoke to dealer today whos says they are in contact with the factory every day and cannot get any information as to what status my car is at. 15...
  13. VOLCANO GREY Taycan Club

    You cannot take delivery in the rain do you not know electricity and water don’t mix bring your rubber gloves. Just joking good luck and enjoy
  14. Just ordered....

    Dealer said what one more week “it’s coming” so trying to be patient
  15. Just ordered....

    Ouch I hope Mine does not take that long. Was due in April and understand the Covid delay but nothing else makes sense. Will just keep chasing the dealer and hope for arrival soon
  16. Just ordered....

    What I want to know is how long this “quality check” takes? It has been 11 days now and the dealer cannot get any information if or when the car will be delivered
  17. Taycan Cross Turismo Wagon Virtually Fully Uncovered

    Agreed not for me this one
  18. Web interface for Porsche connect charger

    Thanks for the tip the powerline worked a treat