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  1. thenaimis

    EV Roadwarrior adapters “kit”

    In my early EV experience, I had to charge off 110V in an emergency on one occasion. The charge rate was around 1 mi of range per hour of charging. Walking pace is around 3mph. Yes, it's faster to walk than to charge your car at 110V.
  2. thenaimis

    Launch control - minimum battery charge?

    "Operational readiness achieved"? That sounds like a bit of humor but that seems a bit out of character for Porsche? Also "quickly the brake pedal again"?
  3. thenaimis


    Is it just me or is the Dolomite Silver the most poorly rendered color in the designer app? I ended up with Carrara white and I doubt I'll regret it, but the photos above of the silver look much nicer than the app, which really looks more like a dull grey.
  4. thenaimis

    WLG2 Campaign -- software updates

    What? Where's fart mode? I'm canceling my order. ;)
  5. thenaimis

    12V battery problem issue with your Taycan?

    For those of you using a trickle charger for the 12V battery, can you report how much energy is going into the battery? If the charger itself doesn't report kWh charged, maybe throw a kill-a-watt or similar on the charger.
  6. thenaimis

    12V battery problem issue with your Taycan?

    @thecoloradokid the phone number is still clearly visible...
  7. thenaimis

    Porsche Connect Update!

    You can get insurance to cover alien abductions. I don't think the fact that something is being insured in any way legitimizes what's being insured.
  8. thenaimis

    Taycan Order Tracking Guide (V Codes / Status Explained)

    At what point do you receive a VIN? Looking around other posts on the forum hint that it's between V260 and v270.
  9. thenaimis

    “Electric” Badge - Did you?

    I paid for a grand total of zero extra badging options. None of them really appealed to me. If I'm really concerned about whether other people know my car is electric, I'll keep using vanity plates.
  10. thenaimis

    Setting up for charging in garage

    For those wondering but unwilling to click, it's the Porsche charging station. If I had to guess I'd say these are people who bought the car and already had another charging solution set-up. Since it's not optional, they're selling the chargers they don't need. Not sure how many buyers there...
  11. thenaimis

    Taycan Turbo S vs 911 Turbo S Race on Carwow

    Eh, the video is more concerned with the performance of the vloggers than the cars.
  12. thenaimis

    Glovis Sunrise Taycan Cruise

    I don't know about that specific leg of shipping, but when I ordered mine, I was told it would take an extra month in shipping to go to LA vs Houston.
  13. thenaimis

    Is this plan a bad idea?

    Going through San Diego wasn't really under consideration since my plan was to visit family in Las Vegas, with the car, on the way back home. That said, while nobody said outright that my plan was a bad idea, the covid risks are non-trivial. The day after I posted that graph of the skyrocketing...
  14. thenaimis

    Is this plan a bad idea?

    My order is a Turbo with 21" mission E wheels. I haven't done any manual planning yet but Flagstaff is a bit out of the way, when Vegas is already pretty out of the way for my trip back. Though visiting Lowell Observatory would be interesting, if it were actually open. If I were to make this...
  15. thenaimis

    Comfort Access - Very Short Range

    This sounds very much like the auto-door-handle-present feature on teslas that many turned off (myself included) after it was shown to be a security vulnerability. Thieves could use a simple repeater to unlock and steal your car.
  16. thenaimis

    Is this plan a bad idea?

    Here where I am, they are definitely skyrocketing. This is from the local county govt dashboard. No telling what things will look like in 4 months, though. Yeah, I'm on my second (and probably last) Tesla S. I've driven from central Texas to eastern NM and back, among other trips. It's...
  17. thenaimis

    Is this plan a bad idea?

    My original plan for taking delivery of my Taycan was to fly to Los Angeles and do the PCELA experience, get it wrapped and coated in LA, drive from LA to Las Vegas to visit family, then drive the rest of the way back to central Texas. Of course, these days the prospect of flying isn't a great...
  18. thenaimis

    My Taycan R modified with custom striping and HRE wheels...... Gulf livery look

    I'm not saying it's wrong or anything, but isn't it ironic to put Gulf Oil Company livery on an electric car?
  19. thenaimis

    Security Options

    Short answer is "it works fine until it doesn't" The installer insisted on installing the power magic pro, though I thought it unnecessary. The end result was that I had to cycle power on *that* device every once in a while when it stopped working. When the dash cam stopped working it's not...
  20. thenaimis

    Security Options

    I had a BlackVue dash cam in my tesla. It's currently in pieces next to me as it failed a while back and when I opened it up I found they used low temperature super capacitors that had of course burst in the heat of the car. Not impressed.