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  1. Taking One Lap of the Country in my Taycan Turbo - 10k miles in 6 weeks Cross-Country Journal

    Nice TR, did you paint it yourself! Enjoying your posts, waiting for my 4S - I am hoping to pick up from the factory and drive back to the UK so about 800 miles day 1-3
  2. Silver or Black window trims with Volcano - which do you prefer?

    I prefer silver on darker colours to highlight the window curve
  3. Taycan Waiting Room: Who has ordered and a delivery date?

    I agree with to comments above, and I think porsche buyers are less likely to want self driving than other brands (driving’s why we chose a Taycan ). the other factor is demand in the second hand market. My view us that lease companies are risk adverse and work on lower residuals than will be...
  4. My Gentian Blue Turbo S delivered

    hi, looking at my options, the burmisyer Hi , I’m speccing my 4S. Unfortunately I cannot fund the Burmester given my other option choices , so is the Bose much better than the standard system and worth the extra? I could the saving to upgrade the wheels a bit more? Problems with making...
  5. My 4S Build

    Interesting that when I clicked through the Porsche site said the pan roof was the only option and standard not available yet. here in the uk the pan roof is a cost option in the configurator . also no cost Bose regional variables I guess unless anyone knows different
  6. Lockdown

    exciting, although making the final choice will be hard I think . On version 100 of mine in the configurator !
  7. Forum member test drives

    Hi, Thanks for the detail review. You mention the seat comfort, were they the confirm or sport seats ? thanks
  8. Taycan: UK - Plug in Grant Eligibility Query

    great news as I just needed an extra 3k for options ! Heated sports seats going in, sportex steering wheel
  9. Taycan: UK - Plug in Grant Eligibility Query

    I’ve been checking insurances for my business on all EV . It’s ridiculously high, but then the performance is way more than usual. I think they are all scared about battery tech and replacement cost . Best Tesla M3 insurance was £1800, e class diesel usually £700, similar list price . But...
  10. Help! White or Carrera White Met

    l’m going hard top as like to feel cacooned in my sports cars, and this definitely on the sporting side. Our Range Rover has the glass roof but I tend to keep the blind closed all the time. I’m also thinking flat white, enhanced by some after market Porsche graphics, which I wish they would...
  11. New Members Say Hello Here!

    Hi, Just placed a deposit for a 4s in the UK, planned March/April build. not my first EV (i3 owner at present ) or first Porsche ( a few 911, current 996 C4S), but obviously first EV Porsche, and first Porsche bought new. Looking forward to the buying and owning experience