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  1. CARRARA WHITE Taycan Club

    My Carrara White Metallic 4S order locked yesterday. Production begins on 28-Feb. Delivery was pushed from early April to early May. Finally!!!
  2. Jay Leno's Garage features the Taycan Turbo S

    Be nice if the producres could spell "Taycan" correctly ! ("Tycan Product Manager" :rolleyes:)
  3. Thermally & Noise Insulated Glass

    Anyone know if tolltags will work when attached to the glass (on the inside)?
  4. Taking One Lap of the Country in my Taycan Turbo - 10k miles in 6 weeks Cross-Country Journal

    Don (@louv), Appreciate all of your commentary and data. I have a friend who is a Field Tech Support Manager for PCNA and asked him if he was aware of this thread. He's VERY customer-service oriented and I'm sure now that he knows, he'll be watching. When you get to Texas, if you drive...
  5. Taycan 4s April delivery

    Literally just checked with my dealer. V250 Fixed Date now shows 14-Feb and V260 (entry to Body Shop) shows 21-Feb. Delivery is still scheduled for mid-April - basically dates were pushed by one month. Toby
  6. My Nav forgot the Taycan was Electric.

    louv, You should reach out to PAG_J1 here on this forum. He appears to be a Porsche insider that is directly involved in the program. He was very informative prior to the Taycan's launch, and I saw he reappear here this week after seemingly going away from here shortly after the September...
  7. Anyone doing European Delivery on your Taycan?

    Nice to see you again PAG_J1!!! Glad that you have stayed around with us. My Taycan 4S enters the Body Shop next week, with delivery targeted (hopefully) sometime in March. Are there any tidbits you might offer us now that the Taycan is in full production? Toby
  8. Taycan 4s April delivery

    Pretty much going with the flow. Did not want a dark material here in Texas. Was worred that the other lighter color would be too light and easily get stained/damaged by blue jeans/pants die etc... So the Limestone Beige was my best alternative. I was not interested in Alcantara or RaceTex...
  9. Taycan 4s April delivery

    Marshall, Your dealer has access to the manufacturing scheduling systems at the factory. Those "V" and "U" codes are standard for Porsche. Your salesman can tell you exactly whben the car is schedule to begin production as well as when production is complete and the car goes to the port...
  10. Taycan 4s April delivery

    V260 Vehicle entry to body shop (CP 0.0) 01/24/2020 V270 Vehicle exit production (CP 7.8) 02/12/2020 V300 Vehicle completion (CP 8.0) 02/12/2020 V331 Entry port Emden 02/12/2020 V332 Exit port Emden...
  11. Passenger Screen

    V250 Vehicle Fixed 11/29/2019 V260 Vehicle entry to body shop (CP 0.0) 12/20/2019** This date moved to 01/24/2020 V270 Vehicle exit production (CP7.8) 01/24/2020** This date moved to 02/14/2020 V300 Vehicle completion (CP...
  12. Passenger Screen

    My configuration locked back in November. Car was originally scheduled into the Paint Shop on December 20, but that date was pushed back by a month to Jan 24. Still shows arrival in Port of Houston in early March as per original dates. Hope to see the car before the end of March!
  13. Passenger Screen

    As I noted on Rennlist forum, I have a mid-March delivery scheduled (and confirmed by my dealer yesterday) and my order specified the passenger screen. Toby
  14. US allocations ?

    At least 30 days on the water.
  15. US allocations ?

    Build Freeze Date for my 4S was November 29. My car enters production (V260 date) on 12/20. Build will be impacted by the Christmas shutdown as my V270 date says 01/24/2020. Then the car waits for 3 weeks to get on the boat to Houston. Exit date for Port of Houston currently shows 03/06/2020.
  16. 8 - 10 Weeks delay

    Interesting in that my dealer just checked my Order info and no dates have changed from the detail originally provided. Manufacture begins 20-Dec and goes on the boat in Feb for its voyage to Houston.
  17. US allocations ?

    Seems that 4S allocations are more readily available. My dealer called me late October to confirm that they had a 4S allocation for me. My Lock date was this past Monday (11-Nov), with actual production scheduled for December. Current delivery date is April 10, 2020.
  18. Taycan Waiting Room: Who has ordered and a delivery date?

    Don't know if that is true or not, but my dealer told me today that they will be hosting a reveal in mid-December. Can't wait to drive this car!
  19. Any pics of standard Taycan 4S wheels?

    If you "build" your car, you will see available wheel options and their associated pictures on the car.