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  1. EPA Taycan Turbo

    Nope, he's right. I had a Model S P85D and it was boring, handled like an old Oldsmobile, and had crappy interior. The only good thing was the scalding acceleration to 60, one time.
  2. Super Bowl Commercial "The Heist" Starring the Taycan

    Tesla does not have a 7 year moat. They have an obsolete battery and Supercharger technology that is being surpassed by every OEM, especially Porsche.
  3. New Members Say Hello Here!

    Have had a $5000 deposit at local dealer for about a year. Mixed feelings after the reveal. Like the looks and performance specs. Very disappointed at the lack of option to select full regen on accelerator liftoff for one-pedal driving. I understand the desire to maintain current driving...