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  1. What color?

    It’s not ”an alternate spelling”, it’s the Original spelling. . . :)
  2. Home charging in the UK

    Let’s hope you are correct
  3. Home charging in the UK

    I don’t think so. This extract shows 7.2kW from 2 phases so not possible in UK. We have single phase 240V.
  4. U.K. Launch/Deliveries pushed back?

    I’m getting the feeling my 4S will also move to late April, from an original Jan build.
  5. Taycan information direct from Zuffenhausen plant tour

    Iron having a permeability of around one, compared to air about a million times less is always going to be better. Magnetic induction can never be as efficient as a transformer.
  6. Taycan information direct from Zuffenhausen plant tour

    The problem is there is no iron between the charger and the vehicle, only air. That won’t be good for energy transfer, or efficiency.
  7. Is Your Dealer Showing You The Love?

    I understand and also had issues, but I think the main reason is Porsche is not letting the centres in the UK have information. The launch dates are from the end of March and that’s when the first cars will be in the UK. I think these first cars will be doing the rounds at all centres in the...
  8. Taking One Lap of the Country in my Taycan Turbo - 10k miles in 6 weeks Cross-Country Journal

    It’s a shame you can’t upload the manual. The Good to Know app’ has “coming soon” for the Taycan in UK and lots of us want the manual. . .
  9. [Car and Driver Review] Porsche Taycan Turbo S vs. Tesla Model S Performance: Electric Flattery

    Looking at the repeated 0-60 times, after two runs a 4S would be killing the Tesla and give it a good run at the start
  10. Home charging in the UK

    I’ve ordered a Zappi charger, rather than use the Andersen charger Porsche are pushing. Will get the 7.2kW from single phase. If you look back through this post, I showed details of a different charger from Porsche expected later in the year. It shows 9.6kW possible from a single phase.
  11. Home charging in the UK

    The reason is the charger is designed for two - three phase operation. Using a single phase (UK), you will only get 3.6k as it only uses a third of the inputs. I suspect later in the year a different Porsche charger will deliver the 7.2kW, but don’t expect a replacement. . . .
  12. U.K. Launch/Deliveries pushed back?

    AC home charging:- If you use the Porsche supplied charger it’s just over 3kW from a single phase 240V. If you have three phase - unlikely for most - it’s 11kW. I’ve just ordered the Zappi 2 charger to allow 7.2kW from a single phase supply. This charger also has the advantage that it can...
  13. Forum member test drives

    It will be a brake-by-wire system. When the brake pedal is depressed re-gen braking is blended to produce the deceleration. Moderate braking will be done using re-gen only and aggressive braking will blend in hydraulic pressure and motor braking.
  14. Forum member test drives

    I was wondering how well the heating system worked? Very little has been written about how effective it is.
  15. U.K. Launch/Deliveries pushed back?

    Mine was locked down late last year With them. Have details that build is scheduled for 20/03 and launch evening will be 3rd April, so expecting my car later in April. I would be surprised if you get yours before then.
  16. What changes are expected from June 2020 onwards

    Me, I want the soft close option. It’s on my Panamera and it’s brilliant. A real shame I was unable to spec it on the Taycan.
  17. UK Taycan build slots

    I had my car build locked down November time. Expecting delivery March/April. I wouldn’t expect any spare slots. . .
  18. Is Your Dealer Showing You The Love?

    I think us buying the first cars probably have more information than the dealerships because we have been doing the research. That’s been the case with the Porsche centre I have ordered with. Let’s all hope things get better. . . .
  19. UK Taycan build slots

    I’ve had a similar experience with my 4S. I’ve just ordered a Zappi charger. That will do 7kW from a single phase. Andersen are talking 12 weeks plus for their charger.... the Porsche supplied 11kW charger will only do 3.6kW from single phase as it has been designed for 2 or 3 phase operation...