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  1. Vim Schrotnock

    LED Matrix Headlights?

    I think they look cool, and I don't think that's what will get the officer's attention...
  2. Vim Schrotnock

    Taycan fire in Florida garage

  3. Vim Schrotnock

    Has anybody driven a Taycan without PDCC? Body roll?

    That is actually quite a bit of difference. Like I said, it is something that people can notice immediately, and I definitely prefer it. Like most options, I don't think it will add significantly to resale.
  4. Vim Schrotnock

    Taycan fire in Florida garage

    Well, funny but I just got this recall notice FOR THE SECOND TIME in two years on my Panamera::mad::mad::mad:
  5. Vim Schrotnock

    Taycan / Porsche must have accessories?

    My GM told me that you cannot use a detector behind the insulated glass. I would plan on using a remote in the bumper.
  6. Vim Schrotnock

    Performance Options on 4S? PDCC, RWS, PTV Plus

    I don't believe it will make any difference in ride comfort. It keeps the car level when cornering, so there is a bit more even distribution of weight on the tires inside/outside, but not enough that I think you'll notice a difference in comfort if you're cornering hard.
  7. Vim Schrotnock

    Has anybody driven a Taycan without PDCC? Body roll?

    I relate the story about my wife because she is, let's say, absolutely a non-car person... However, after just a couple minutes in my Panamera with PDCC her comment was '...the car doesn't lean when you turn...'. So, she felt it almost immediately around our first turn at normal speeds in the...
  8. Vim Schrotnock

    Turbo S Allocations and confirmed production or delivery

    Just interested in how many people IN THE US have an allocation and have been able to custom order their TURBO S and have a production number. I know there have been quite a few spec Turbo S cars sent to the US, and a number have been sold, but I'm not aware of anyone who has ordered and...
  9. Vim Schrotnock

    Has anybody driven a Taycan without PDCC? Body roll?

    I think it depends on two things. First, your 'butt meter' and how sensitive you are to the attitude of the car. Second would be how aggressively you plan on driving. I drove a non PDCC Taycan at reasonable speeds, and couldn't tell. On the other hand, when I got my Panamera GTS with PDCC and...
  10. Vim Schrotnock

    Clear Side Markers

    Excellent question. I'll be looking for this as well.
  11. Vim Schrotnock

    Taking One Lap of the Country in my Taycan Turbo - 10k miles in 6 weeks Cross-Country Journal

    Yes, such a great park - my favorite as well. Love the sea otters!
  12. Vim Schrotnock

    Mission Taycan 4S Accomplished (Delivered)!

    Phenomenal looking car! The white calipers and mission E wheels combined with the aluminum roof are a stunning combo!
  13. Vim Schrotnock

    Turbo S vs Turbo - 80-120kph times

    Could be a simple answer here. The Turbo S has a larger inverter on the front engine which allows it to generate more torque. In Launch control there is more torque and hp. The hp doesn't really matter until you're close to maximum rpm, which is where the 750 HP is developed. It does appear...
  14. Vim Schrotnock

    Turbo S vs Turbo - 80-120kph times

    Actually, if you simply subtract the 0-80 from the 0-120 times to get the 80-120 times you get about 1.3 seconds for both the Turbo and Turbo S. This is clearly an 'in-gear acceleration' test, where they floor it at 80 kph and time it from that speed to 120 kph. The times of 1.7 and 1.9 are...
  15. Vim Schrotnock

    Turbo S vs Turbo - 80-120kph times

    Porsche routinely reports 'in-gear acceleration time' as well as 'flexibility' showing acceleration times in 5th gear from 80-120 kph. I would assume this is an 'in-gear' time from 80-120. If it's simply the 0-120 time minus the 0-80 time, that's useless and ridiculous. From a previous...
  16. Vim Schrotnock

    Turbo S vs Turbo - 80-120kph times

    If the 80-120 time reported separately is from a standstill, it's misleading at best. There is definitely some bs somewhere.
  17. Vim Schrotnock

    Turbo S vs Turbo - 80-120kph times

    From the Taycan manual, 80-120kph (Overtaking acceleration) times are 1.7 sec for the Turbo S, 1.9 sec for the Turbo. Evidently the hp difference is not just from a stop. Overtaking acceleration (80–120km/h) (seconds) Turbo S - 1.7, Turbo - 1.9
  18. Vim Schrotnock

    White Mission E wheels on white 4S?

    Same here - mission E wheels all the way. From an appearance standpoint, nothing is more important than the wheels, so if you really like the mission E - go for it!
  19. Vim Schrotnock

    Where is the spare tire in the taycan? Is it a full size tire?

    They are some of the most beautiful invisible wheels and tires I've ever not seen...
  20. Vim Schrotnock

    High Gloss Sport Design Pack or Matte?

    Yes, I would definitely put some kind of protection on it. And yes, show cars are 'abused' etc., and the lighting shows things. The carbon fiber standard option looked fine in the light, with the abuse, the gloss did not. But, I'm also a bit picky about how my black looks, and just can't...