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  1. WuffvonTrips

    UK Configurator updated for MY23

    Thanks to Frankchn's thread about the US configurator, I've found the UK one updated also. Not had time myself to digest the changes yet... EDITS...I'll try and keep this summary updated with people's observations: Price before options increased less than many of us feared. Most option prices...
  2. WuffvonTrips

    NEW Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo review – the BEST estate car in the world? | What Car?

    Just spotted this...dated 29th Jan, haven't noticed it posted here yet. Surprised to see them do a piece on the CT when the ST is currently in the limelight.
  3. WuffvonTrips

    Acceleration times WITHOUT Launch Control?

    Has anyone seen tested standing-start acceleration times - without launch control- for each Taycan variant? I’ve only found this: Turbo S 0-100kph without launch control 3.2 secs (2.7 with launch control) From my rough analysis of Porsche’s...