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  1. detansinn

    Taycan 4S Road Trip Experiences w/ Performance Battery

    With 3k miles on my Taycan 4S, I thought that I’d share some of my road trip experiences in the car. To date, most of the driving has been longer trips including two 1000+ mile outings. How’s it been? Well, I’m going on another 1000+ mile road trip this week. 👍 My car is spec’d with the...
  2. detansinn

    Paint Correction, Ceramic Coating, and PPF

    I just got my 2022 Taycan 4S back from Menard Premium Detailing here in southeastern Pennsylvania. We did full paint correction, because even a brand new Porsche needs paint correction. CQuartz Finest Ceramic coating, including wheels and calipers STEK PPF (Front plus) Full Hood Full Front...
  3. detansinn

    Traded in my 2020 Porsche 911 (992) Carrera 4S for a Taycan 4S

    Why did I trade in my 911? Last year, I had the use of a Taycan 4S loaner car over Labor Day weekend. The car made an impression on me. I put 430 miles on the car and yes, that’s a heck of a test drive. I had previously driven a variety of Tesla EVs (3, S, X) and they always left me cold. For...
  4. detansinn

    Taycan featured in NY Post story about fuel economy “Since then, the gas guru has been setting records left and right. He did 472 miles on a single charge of a 2021 Porsche Taycan that was only meant to do 225, and got 1,675 miles out of just one tank of...
  5. detansinn

    VW halting EV production due to Ukraine supply chain issues Taycan is not listed as being affected, but lower end VW EVs are affect3ed.
  6. detansinn

    Departed on Siem Confucius

    My Taycan 4S is on Siem Confucius and left the Port of Emden. Woohoo! Anyone else getting the ride with me?
  7. detansinn

    How much battery does a Taycan use per day just sitting there?

    I’m doing some traveling where the car is going to be left at the airport. What kind of weekly/daily battery loss are people seeing with the car parked for extended periods of time? Does it have a deep sleep mode like Tesla?
  8. detansinn

    Which 20” wheel option is the most aerodynamic?

    My Taycan 4S is inbound with Mission E wheels. I am looking to pick up a 20” winter wheel set and considering the following options. 20” Sport Aero Winter Wheel Set 20” Turbo Aero Winter Wheel Set 20” Tequipment Design Winter Wheel Set I appreciate that my 21” summers aren’t particularly...