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  1. Footwell makes a creak/pop sound like a soda can

    You've finished a soda. You're holding the can, you squeeze a bit too much, it dents. You rotate and squeeze again to pop out that indentation. That sound it makes when it pops. My driver side foot well makes this sound when I rest my foot in the middle of the footwell and move it. It's so odd...
  2. Dealership Recommendations near NYC

    I'm looking for a dealership recommendation for service near Brooklyn. Just picked up my car over the weekend, but there are some minor things that needs to be fixed/replaced. The dealership I purchased from is 200 miles from me and I'd like to service it closer to home.
  3. Panamera Sport Turismo Outdoor Cover

    Has anybody tried this cover to see if it fits? There is a new taycan cross turismo outdoor cover, but at close to $600, it's absurd.
  4. Transmission Oil

    Has any body had their transmission serviced for a fluid change? It's not part of the recommended service, but I'm not a believer of life time oils. I can tell from a parts diagram that there are fill and drain plugs. I'm also interested if the coolant service interval.
  5. WTB: Center Caps

    I'm interested in a set of the oem center caps. I've a set of 19's that I've bought with out the center caps and I'd rather not swap caps between sets of wheels. Let me know if you've a set for sale and how much you're asking for them.
  6. Frunk Cooler

    I'm already thinking about where I'm going to put my 70 quart cooler in the CT when I get it (camping/glamping). Has anybody made a custom cooler that fits in the frunk or knows of a cooler that happens to fit?
  7. Adaptive Cruise Control in Heavy Traffic (Is this a good use case?)

    I specced adaptive cruise control in my 4SCT. I live in NYC with a 20 mile commute (each way) that is usually in heavy traffic. Heavy traffic is defined as no less than 10 minutes of bumper to bumper traffic, cruising at 50 with at most 2 cars distance in front and behind me, and about 15...
  8. Porsche Connect - Where is 2FA?

    Given how breaches in security is so common place, and it often starts with a weak/compromised password. I've been wondering how/when 2FA would be enabled for all Porsche connect. I emailed the Porsche connect folks this question, but I suspect it's gone into a black hole. Does anybody have any...
  9. Lead for a CT on the lot

    I've called plenty of dealerships to find a CT4S allocation at a price point that I could accept. What I found is that the porsche inventory online is inaccurate and so are many of the car market places online. Here is a lead for a 2022 CT4, white exterior with black inlays and a Bordeaux red...
  10. Scan Tools

    Does anybody have experience with any scan tools for the Taycan? I'm a big DIY person, and I've generally work through problems on my own. Has anybody tried any scan tools on the market w/ their Taycan? Anything that people recommend?