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  1. The alternative bike rack

    I just want to share the build of the bike rack. I took the design from bsclywilly and it was not too tricky but spent some time in the mill and CNC to make it right. I think the length Of the bars is 29 inches excluding insert after I shaved it. This is a very simple design and the only issue...
  2. Taycan 4s Emblem picture on the car

    Hello, I bought my car without the Taycan 4S emblem because I went full car PPF. I just received the emblem and want to install it but I need some measurements. Can one of you take a close-up picture incorporating the PORSCHE letter as well? I will use it as a template to place it. Thank you...
  3. Charge over the 80% I setup

    Hello, for a week now I realized that the battery does stop charging at 80% as I setup some time ago. Last week it was at 84% when I unplugged and at 94% today. I check the threshold and the option does not exist anymore. The option to 'DIRECT CHARGE' is not available on the green battery...
  4. Homelink lost remote code to open the garage

    Yesterday I was not able to open the garage with the Homelink. At the end of the day I decided to clear the code and relearn. unfortunately the handheld remote work but the car can’t learn the code anymore. I tried with another remote without success. No more Homelink. Need to visit the dealer...
  5. Electrify America findings

    Hello I found an option in the PCM to enable the plug & charge feature. See picture. All charging stations are not equipped with this feature then it will not work everywhere. If you use the app charging you can filter for EA station having the feature P&P on. So far I was only using the...
  6. Technical specs of the car

    Hello, Sometime ago I found a PDF online with a very detailed specification of the car, such as number of batteries pounches , voltage and a lot of information from Porsche. Did anybody knows where to find it? thank you
  7. Side marker replacement alternative -- Lamin-x sticker film

    Instead of replacing the sides marker with some sexy ones I decided to go to the stickers route. I ordered the lumin-x version at Unfortunately, the Cross Turismo side markers are a bit longer than the sedan version. Urotuning contacted Lumin-x and based on the pictures I sent...
  8. PPF and fender plastic flares

    Hello for the ones that did PPF on their CT did the installer removed the fender flares to install the PPF or did they did cut the film just before the plastic? Are the plastic flares easily remounted? Do you know if they are using adhesive or clips to hold them?
  9. Radar Valentine V1 Gen2 hard wired to the fuse box

    I know this subject has been posted already but I kind of running into issues. I used the fuse box on the left side (Driver Side) and once I was done I realized that all fused are 12 volts permanent and not linked to the ignition. I was a bit shocked about that. As result, the radar is...
  10. Door locking automatically when leaving the car

    Hi, I hate when my car locks the doors automatically when I leave. I can either touch the door handle or press the remote-control button to lock to lock. I can’t find in the PCM how to disable it. I need help. Thanks
  11. Bike rack for Cross Turismo outside of the US

    We know that the bike rack is not available in the US right now. Did anybody outside of the us was able to have one? Order is easy in the US but not available in inventory. Thanks
  12. What do you think of PPF Suntek Reaction

    Hello, I went to get a quote for a full PPF install on a CT4S. My idea was to get a gloss XPEL and Ceramic coating. This well know installer recommend Suntek Reaction which is already coated with ceramic and do not require additional treatment. It is guaranteed 12 years compare to the 10 years...
  13. AC consumption on a hot day stationary?

    Hello, Do you know how much the AC is consuming electricity on hot day in summer (30C or 86F) being stationary for one hour? I’m thinking 1kwh to 1.5 kwh. Any idea? Is the car having a DOG mode as the Tesla for keeping the car cool? Thank you
  14. AC and Navigation screen protection

    Hello, I'm looking for good screen protector to put on the AC and navigation display. I do not like the Anti-glare ones that looks a bit mat but want to keep the shinny of the original screen. Any idea of the brands RUIYA and YEE PIN available on Amazon or any others? thanks
  15. Change before Freeze point and potential delay

    My freeze date moved from September 15 to September 29 and today I went to my dealer to ask for changes and potential consequences. He said that changing the current configuration may impact the already scheduled production date. I’m wondering if a change prior to the freeze point should have...
  16. Poll: Brake type for 4S/CT4S and regular Taycan/CT

    Hello, I'm interested to see what people are ordering with their 4s and below trim as brake option? If you have a Turbo or Turbo S this question is not relevant. I'm will not track my car I think but the regular red Bake and rotor looks lost in the 21 inches wheel. I'm wondering what is the trend.
  17. Drive Mode selector on the steering wheel

    Hi, I'm looking to cut my budget a bit on my 4ct and I'm wondering about the knob on the steering wheel. If you do not have it, how easy it is to change the mode. Is the Sport mode plus only available on the steering wheel and not on the cockpit? Thanks!!
  18. US 150KW/400V DC charger or not

    Hello, I select the on-board 150KW/400v DC charger on my CT for the US market. Actually, I selected it without asking or understand what I was doing. It made sense to select it but is it really? What does it do? Can someone explain it to me? Thank you in advance