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  1. DerekS

    Charges for 1:15 then stops and gives me 140 miles

    But I use PLC. My charger is the cheap one without a screen, so web UI via powerline networking is the only way to get into it. I do this to collect data about my charging. Never had a charge problem on it.
  2. DerekS

    1100 mile trip with no EV experience in a brand new car - Louisville KY to Austin TX

    As a software guy I must know, now! It is certainly possible they run two different systems, though it seems weird to do so.
  3. DerekS

    1100 mile trip with no EV experience in a brand new car - Louisville KY to Austin TX

    Great writeup! However one correction, I am pretty sure the chargers run Linux, not Windows. I base this on seeing them with bootup spew when broken:
  4. DerekS

    Battery not providing proper range?

    Yes. RWD, PB+, 21" Mission E wheels.
  5. DerekS

    Battery not providing proper range?

    I charged to 100% today as I had a lot of driving to do.
  6. DerekS

    Battery not providing proper range?

    Note that the first ~2000 miles or so the car will consume more energy than normal. (See your manual) And as others have noted, temperature makes a huge difference. For me I am currently seeing around 230-235 at 85% (RWD PB+.) Temperatures have been in the 90s consistently. I think I saw 299...
  7. DerekS

    2nd OTA Update (ONA7) deployed… including HV battery update

    So the ONA5 OTA update is starting to roll out in the states?
  8. DerekS

    I am genuinely shocked by how much attention this car attracts on a daily basis.

    I get an amazingly low amount of attention for mine, which suits me just fine. I have not enjoyed the attention prior Porsches have brought. Not why I buy them.
  9. DerekS

    AC Performs Poorly in Hot Weather

    I might be an idiot. I've started changing from "diffused" to "focused" when it feels like it's not keeping up, and that seems to do the trick.
  10. DerekS

    Vehicle service contract

    For me, no. The car is covered for 4 years/50K miles. The HV battery 8 years/80K miles. The 20K service intervals are pretty basic. (Pollen filter, brake flush, wiper blades, top off windshield fluid.) On an ICE Porsche with expensive "minor service" intervals and very expensive "major...
  11. DerekS

    How to Check which Recall Updates are applied to my car?
  12. DerekS

    Replacing Interior Dash Trim?

    Here is the picture of the old trim. I don't see anything that would screw in, it looks like it maybe aligns with a peg on the end and then snaps in.
  13. DerekS

    Electrify America/Charging NA Question

    Charging NA is deprecated (probably will go away soon entirely.) Use the My Porsche app.
  14. DerekS

    Using Electrify America for first time

    I will further suggest: Plan your trip and chargers ahead of time using ABRP Enter all your chargers into a "trip" on PlugShare This will give you a fast way to pull up the chargers on your route and scout ahead for problems.
  15. DerekS

    Taycan Turbo Initial Thoughts

    The charger has a 50% and 100% setting, assuming you're using the Porsche charger. It is on 50% by default. Crank it up!
  16. DerekS

    A Tale of two Taycans - PCA Panorama magazine

    Found the story on it. Interesting note, the car increases the ride height at highway speeds to further protect the battery. I would not want a lowered Taycan.
  17. DerekS

    A Tale of two Taycans - PCA Panorama magazine

    Wow! That's amazing!! Pretty impressive they actually went looking for the part. I remember hearing about battery punctures in the early days of the Model S which resulted in titanium floor pans to protect it.