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  1. Windpower

    Why the new PCM sucks

    It looks fine to me. I like the smaller right side row of icons, which I thought took up too much space. You now have 6 main icons across instead of 4, so there’s less scrolling to get to the bottom. The colors don’t bother me though of course I haven’t seen them live.
  2. Windpower

    12 Volt Battery

    I believe the Good to Know app says that, if you are not going to use the car for a long period of time, you should keep the 12v battery connected to a 'battery tender' and keep the car plugged into the EVSE. The battery tender I have at home just for this purpose is a 'Noco Genius battery...
  3. Windpower

    iPhone connection issues

    I had (have) the same issue with my iPhone 12 and my 2022 Taycan. I used CarPlay 90% of the time and sometimes it did not connect (maybe 1/3 of the drives). I brought my car in to Porsche service for the WNA5 update and whatever they did made this 10x more reliable. Now I have a connection...
  4. Windpower

    Charging speed question

    Lithium ion batteries are very sensitive to temperature when charging. The best thing to do is to 'tell' the Taycan you're going to a high speed charger (use the navigation system to navigate to a high speed charger) and let the car get the battery pack to the optimum temperature. When the...
  5. Windpower

    Rented a Model Y

    I had no problem going from the Tesla Y to the Taycan in regard to one pedal driving. As far as I'm concerned, the Tesla "one pedal driving" is not really one pedal: when you need to brake you use the brake pedal. Of course, if you drive carefully the number times in a day where you might need...
  6. Windpower

    Rented a Model Y

    For $20.-, I think I'll stick with the Echo Auto. One other thing which is nice is that my music subscription services works on all the Alexa devices I have in the house.
  7. Windpower

    Rented a Model Y

    I've been using Amazon Echo Auto for about 1-1/2 yrs now, and it works fine and have few complaints. Once in awhile it says "Your Alexa Auto has lost connection to your phone" and I need to turn Bluetooth off and then on again and it starts working. This happens a couple of times a year. When it...
  8. Windpower

    Rented a Model Y

    I was using Amazon Music. But thanks for the tip " No, the iPhone has an "always on" listening mode for Siri as well. It's completely hands free, and the phone can be locked with the screen off. ". I'll give this a try. I've nver had much luck with Siri.
  9. Windpower

    Rented a Model Y

    Like push a button on your phone and say "Siri, play Kurt Vile on Amazon Music"? I just tried and Siri says "I don't see an app for that". Oh, well.
  10. Windpower

    Rented a Model Y

    I have both a Tesla Y and a Taycan. While the Taycan's entertainment system is not perfect, it does have CarPlay which my model Y doesn't. I added an Amazon Echo Auto to the model Y so I could listen to Pandora and Amazon Music, both of which I subscribe to. Without the Echo Auto, I personally...
  11. Windpower

    Drive Mode gripe

    The reason the settings go back to the default is due to the way the US EPA range testing is done and the EPA requirements. Once a manufacturer picks a mode (a set of driver configurations chosen to maximize range), the US EPA requires that mode to be the standard on all manufactured cars when...
  12. Windpower

    AC Performs Poorly in Hot Weather

    I think this is a good approach. When I was having a problem with my AC at home, I got an IR temperature sensor from Home Depot to measure the temp coming from the AC vents in the house. According to my AC guy, the temp should be around 65 degrees F, but I was measuring 70 degrees with an...
  13. Windpower

    NEMA 14-50 outlet question

    The electric mini is still small and nimble. I saw the e-mini for the first time in January 2020 at the Munich airport and from the way it looked, I thought it was going to be a winner. At the time I was driving an i3 with a 110 mile (summer) range and that was a great daily driver. I pretty...
  14. Windpower

    NEMA 14-50 outlet question

    A beaut! My wife had a BRG 2011 Cooper S. I learned to drive a stick shift in her 1970 MGB. Before that she had a 1965 MGB (all bought used, all convertibles). The problem with the MGBs was that the electrical systems were terrible. Her MGBs lasted maybe 50,000 miles before they needed to be...
  15. Windpower

    NEMA 14-50 outlet question

    In my case the main panel was in my basement on the wrong side of the house and I needed to run 60’ of wire through 3/4” conduit. Plus there was a brick outside wall I needed to drill a hole through for the conduit. Not easy. That’s why it took three weekends. But I love the idea of a tandem...
  16. Windpower

    NEMA 14-50 outlet question

    That’s a nice solution. While I’m happy with my current setup (I charge each car once a week), I’m thinking about upgrading my setup this summer when I have some spare time. This time I’ll hire an electrician to pull the wire since I spent three weekends pulling wire the last time. Not fun!
  17. Windpower

    NEMA 14-50 outlet question

    Bottom line: when installing a 14-50 receptacle, have your electrician run 4 wires: two hots, one neutral and one ground. The electrician will know what kind of wires to run. When I did my house 5 years ago, I ran 8 gauge THHN in conduit to a 14-50 receptacle. I have a 50 amp breaker protecting...
  18. Windpower

    Taycan Production to Stop for a 'Substantial' Period of Time

    It's possible that the decrease in shipments to the US was due to the sinking of the Felicity Ace in Q1 2022. All of those cars were destined for the East Coast of the US and Canada. The population of the US is around 330 million, while the EU population (according to Wikipedia) is 447 million...