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  1. FredC057

    ? PCM 6 Update Announcement [Update: Retrofit Being Explored For Existing Taycans]

    He didn't say anything about '20. He was talking about my car, model 21 started build in June, finished end 21 and delivered Jan 22. And knowing the man, it will be more champagne than a beer.
  2. FredC057

    ? PCM 6 Update Announcement [Update: Retrofit Being Explored For Existing Taycans]

    On Monday, my car was at the shop for some updates like you all had and to change the sensor for the interior alarm. My dealer told me that I would receive now OTA updates and I did just yesterday and had to stop the car for 30 min during the upgrade. But he told me as well that in July we'll...
  3. FredC057

    Using iPhone via Bluetooth or Apple Car Play

    You can already have YouTube, Netflix, Prime… on a MY21, you just need to plug a applepie. Works like a charm for me as I prefer that my iPhone is linked only in Bluetooth and the applepie is linked with CarPlay. I just use it when I’m stopped at a supercharger waiting but you can do as you wish.
  4. FredC057

    CT4 won’t charged while lifted

    I’m charging all the time in lifted highest position in my garage. I leave it lifted to go down and up the ramp of the garage entrance. So that shouldn’t be the problem. I have a CT4S MY21 even though I received it in Jan 22. I’m using the Porsche charger.
  5. FredC057

    The alternative bike rack

    You are allowed to drive with that in the US? No tail lights, stop sign or indicator and we can’t see your plate… I wouldn’t go very far in Europe before being stopped by the police.
  6. FredC057

    First real OTA update for the Taycan 2020 and 2021 happening April 27th…

    I assume the upgrade has already started. I lost all connection even if the status is green and the screen on the app has lost a lot of options and functions on the main screen and the details. I just have the remote, no %, no range, no Clim… I’m happy I’m working and not on a road trip.
  7. FredC057

    DC charging question

    And be nice with the other users that might need to charge, go unplug your car and move it away to free up the place. Soon you will be on a road trip or in a hurry and you'll be pissed off to see all those new EV driver leaving their car plugged in because they have free charging sessions.
  8. FredC057

    Performance battery plus question

    How many miles do you have? It will increase with time and the more distance you cover.
  9. FredC057

    Factory Summer Shutdown

    A lot of Taycan like mine were half build last year in July and then finished in November. So yes, they can stop at anytime but I hope it won't be the case for you.
  10. FredC057

    Ionity Passport charging subscription ?

    Same here in Belgium, we receive the subscription free for 3 years and then you receive an RFID card. But If you don’t have the subscription you can pay 179€ if I remember correctly per year to activate it. And then the rate goes from 0,79€ to 0,33€/kWh VAT incl. And as it might be too short to...
  11. FredC057

    Green lightning bolt while fast charging

    I see it green when it’s really fast at the beginning. Like at Ionity at 269 kW But not at the end when it’s slower. Example latter on, same charge
  12. FredC057

    Here’s the perf+ dilemma again. Read use case before voting.

    In winter, CT with big battery I had 306km at 100% on highway. So no I wasn’t able to reach Paris in one go for example. And when you recharge you never go to 100% and stop at 85-90 max, so if the charging stations are not well placed or full, the big battery allows you to go further to another...
  13. FredC057

    Cross Turisimo Range ?

    It’s around 10C and a lot of wind for the moment here. CT4S with 20” winters I was driving fast lately so max 300km. But I’m more impressed but the speed of the charge at Ionity. Got 269kW last week.
  14. FredC057

    CT 4S Volcano Grey Gets XPEL Stealth PPF

    I received a 3 years warranty for the XPEL to keep it always new. Replaced for free if damaged, stone chip, color change... After 4/5 years, it's then time to remove the film to be sure it leave no traces... and you have a new car with a different color if you want or in perfect condition to sell.
  15. FredC057

    What do all these icons on the PCM mean?

    You can find some of those info in the Porsche Good to know app. You have all the statuses the network connection the Device Manager settings the 4G reception the profile settings the phone charger the HVAC The diamond with the 2 cars I’m not sure but the easiest is to tap on those icons and...
  16. FredC057

    Rear bike carrier for the CT -- expected shipping and arrival times?

    Same here, ordered months ago and still waiting. Last time I heard it was planned for end February. They were talking also about an extension for a third bike but no news about that.
  17. FredC057

    Real life charging your Taycan in Belgium ?

    Personally, I took the 22 kw onboard AC for when I'm in France where there are a lot of those 22 kw charging stations on the streets if you don't have DC around. At home, I'll keep it slow charging and it's enough.
  18. FredC057

    VOLCANO GREY Taycan Club

    If I convert to Euros, it's around the same price. Ceramic coating was done as well and protection on the interior screens was installed + they are giving a warranty. I should pass this month again for a visual check and they remove the imperfections if they find any.
  19. FredC057

    VOLCANO GREY Taycan Club

    Do I still qualify for this volcano club even if it’s wrapped in Xpel stealth? It's the one of @Docgold that sold it to my wife and I can thank him because it looks great
  20. FredC057

    CT 4S Volcano Grey Gets XPEL Stealth PPF