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  1. Nice vid about ceramic brakes

    Man, all you guys really know your stuff. It is really great the read and learn here. all this great info you guys are a sharing is great . Please keep it up.
  2. Nice vid about ceramic brakes

    Im no engineer and def not a track star. but do I love those Ceramic brakes. virtually no brake dust! yes i know 10 k for no brake dust must be a joke to som, but really those breaks are rad as hell! I hope I am able to get ceramic brakes and Air suspension on every future car i get.
  3. Interesting way to display your front license plate in CA - using wrap

    85.00 for sticker is a little crazy. but hell some people lauged at me when i bout a car for 150K. oh well your local sign / banner shop would probably make one of these for you for $20.00. something seems off with this site. "" they are not saying 100%...
  4. Picked up my new Taycan today...fabulous.

    thank goodness for apple carplay
  5. 20K Mile Service Completed. Breakdown of Items Performed & Cost

    did you get all 4 new tires at 20K , and if so how much did they cost and what size /which wheels do you have? and why do they list customer requested a 20K mile servoce check. I think my first servce is due in july. I currently have 13K miles on my 4 s with 21 mission e wheels and...
  6. What has happened to used Taycan prices?

    when i bought my car i figured I lost 10% the moment I stepped inside, and another when i signed the papers and drove it off the lot. Happy to see you guys think these things can be a investment.
  7. Stuck abroad with electrical error

    so this happened to me today, how best to proceed. hook up a batter charger to it? ( its seems to have power) or get it towed to dealer? I cannot even move it
  8. My Taycan 4s is now bulletproof

    Baller status for sure! now the real question. what is that you do for a living that requires you to have a bullet proof car. Normaly i dont ask these things but since you brought it up.
  9. Your favourite Taycan option & why?

    i have this insulated glass and i still hear alot of freeway noice. do you have 21 in wheels?
  10. Your favourite Taycan option & why?

    after the taycan i will never buy a car without air suspension again
  11. Your favourite Taycan option & why?

    ceramic brakes. virtually no brake dust. nothing looks worse then seeing a fresh washed car, but brake dust still on the wheels . if you get mission e style or spoke wheels do yourself a favor and get ceramic brakes.
  12. First take on my new 2022 Taycan

    first you trick me with a water hose plugged into the car. then you park in front of a sign that says keep area clear. what kind of prankster are you?:like:
  13. What has happened to used Taycan prices?

    is this actually a thing? i always assumed cars lost value? or at lest 99% of them
  14. 4S CT ownership didn't get off to a good start

    damn. Ive heard "you got to pay to play" but this is crazy
  15. Porsche 718 All-Electric Sports Car Announced For 2025 Launch

    count me in. I'm pretty sure we signed up when we saw the mission r and new it was a disguise for the electric cayman. this thing will be a rocket. Please make the driver seat in the middle and no seats for anyone else.
  16. PTS Viola Metallic...... via PPF

    looks very good. also lik ooks like they did a great job on the wrap
  17. Help! Disable car at airport alarm while out of town

    next time you leave your care, leave it with me. but you might not get it back :) do alarms turn off after a few mins?
  18. Taycan Aero Wheels Painted Black

    have you looked into Plastidip? i belive you can have someone do it , or do it yourself with cans from the auto parts store...
  19. Taycan Aero Wheels Painted Black

    I did not like the aero wheels before, but these black ones look nice. good work