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  1. feye

    New Members Say Hello Here!

    So did I just before Xmas. Congratulations! Do you have an expected delivery date?
  2. feye

    My Taycan 4S delivered in Germany

    That's why I am a hard core EV fan. Even though up until now the handling was terrible! To my utter delight Porsche solved that problem - well until they'll deliver mine, of course.
  3. feye

    Dealer is ready to submit my build, if you've received your Taycan, what do you think?

    This blue one I drove at Hockenheim looked spectacular. I did not order my Taycan in blue, because it is just not my color. A 911 for me is a toy (not a 4 seater, cannot fit a golf bag) from the old times (stinker). Answering your question is hard because it depends on your requirements. I...
  4. feye

    Mission Taycan 4S Accomplished (Delivered)!

    Hi Mission4S, in case you are looking for an excellent excuse to drive your beauti to Munich Sat 29th, message me, please...
  5. feye

    Which Colors ?

    No need to share you new super baby. Smart move!
  6. feye

    Chris Harris’ Full Taycan Review From Top Gear: I LOVE IT!

    For racing, certainly, but for regular driving not at all, correct?
  7. feye

    Which Colors ?

    I agree, I recently saw a 911 in that color! Wow, so I asked my wife what about green - well I ordered it in red.
  8. feye

    Taycan Waiting Room: Who has ordered and a delivery date?

    Please open a new thread and post plenty of pics!
  9. feye

    Chris Harris’ Full Taycan Review From Top Gear: I LOVE IT!

    True, the guy is all complaining when he talks to Chris and even going on about other cars and infrastructure. But when he drives it, his brain is wiped! :whew:
  10. feye

    U.K. Launch/Deliveries pushed back?

    At least you get a quality EV soon. I ordered before Xmas and have to wait till May. On top of that Porsche in my country cannot tell me a delivery date.
  11. feye

    CARMINE RED Taycan Club

    Almost exactly the way I ordered it. Thank you! Most cameras cannot really capture this red. It either looks washed out or it looks like cheap neon color. The only reason I actually ordered the color is because it has to stand out at the local golf club! :facepalm:
  12. feye

    CARMINE RED Taycan Club

    I just went to a local Porsche dealer and I ask him, what color he'd perfer. He said white, like the showroom car, or carmine red. He said he saw it in Frankfurt at the motor show. Absolutely stunning he said! They had a 911 in red. Looks really good. I am excited getting my Taycan in red!
  13. feye

    Porsche Taycan on Hockenheim race track

    That sucks! But hey, I have to wait till May. I head out to Munich tomorrow, shall I make a Zuffenhausen detour and check what's going on with your 4S? :angel:
  14. feye

    Porsche Taycan on Hockenheim race track

    What a car! Only one drive in this and my brain was wiped clean of all other EVs I have ever driven! :involve:
  15. feye

    CARRARA WHITE Taycan Club

    What a car! Only one drive in this and my brain was wiped clean of all other EVs I have ever driven! :involve:
  16. feye

    CARMINE RED Taycan Club

    This red color is very hard to capture on a photo. Not a Taycan, unfortunately. The Taycan I drove was in blue, also nice! :involve:
  17. feye

    Has everyone that bought a 4S had the battery+ upgrade?

    I ordered it primarily to match the EV I have but also for better resale value, since everybody talks about range as if life depends on it.
  18. feye

    Taycan 4s April delivery

    It is hard to say. Most manufacturers really struggle, because workers from affected provinces cannot come back to work. Even far away villages are blocked and people are not allowed to just travel back to work. We also don't know details about the supply chain of Prosche in China. At the moment...
  19. feye

    Yet another video showing Taycan beating EPA rated range on the highway and it's not even in summer weather.

    True, but he is a tesla fanboy selling teslas. Other than range this vid has nothing to offer.