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  1. Fish Fingers

    Range decrease?

    I used to generally charge to 80% but now generally charge to 85% (in line with what many on here do). The battery already has a 10% inbuilt buffer - so it's actually less. Exeptions are: a long journey the next day = 100%. Not driving it for some time = <80%.
  2. Fish Fingers

    Range decrease?

    No don't worry.... As said above, it will just be some anomoly in something (driving style / outside temperature etc etc). Remember the 'range' guesstimate at the start of a journey is no different than in an ICE car. What you actually achieve on the journey may be completely different due...
  3. Fish Fingers

    I am genuinely shocked by how much attention this car attracts on a daily basis.

    Just say you've never really noticed - as the electricity always runs out slower than your bladder fills up. Then tut and shake your head and say.... "and with rising electricity prices it now costs me up to £4.50 to fill her up to the brim at home" 🤣🤣
  4. Fish Fingers

    Battery not providing proper range?

    There was another similar thread to this quite recently, with a lot of the answers. I can't find it..... If anyone else can, will they post the link up please.
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    UK Taycan Insurance (30M)

    There are a few threads on here for UK insurance if you do a search. And if you are going to use price comparison sites, I also suggest you use a few (as they are based) and also try companies not on them like NFU (mentioned above). How old are you OP? I think that may be the key issue here.
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    I am genuinely shocked by how much attention this car attracts on a daily basis.

    Slightly off topic.... Last Friday I parked up near some workmen and one wondered across in a high vis vest. He was a (very pleasant) scouser - so you need to know the accent. Him: 'hey mate - is it leccy?' Me: sorry? Him: your car.... is it leccy? Me: ahh. Yes it is. Him: is it all leccy...
  7. Fish Fingers

    Home Charge Point Installers

    I went for a Sync EV as it is the smallest one I could find.
  8. Fish Fingers

    I am genuinely shocked by how much attention this car attracts on a daily basis.

    That pano roof looks amazing on a red Taycan.
  9. Fish Fingers

    Picked up my new Taycan today...fabulous.

    I much prefer the look of the original B&W icons. But I do see how these might be very easy to use when driving. Far easier to just instinctively stab at the colour you learn subconsciously for each feature, rather than having to 'study' it before selecting.
  10. Fish Fingers

    I am genuinely shocked by how much attention this car attracts on a daily basis.

    They are quite common around where I live now (Cheshire) and I saw 4 on a short journey yesterday. I have noticed a few things though. Occasionally get cars tailgate me. I was annoyed at first, but now think people just want to see what it is. They do look cool from behind - especially at...
  11. Fish Fingers

    Additional dealer markups…??

    It would be nice to think that when supply chains return to normal, and if economic activity has plummeted / cost of living has made many people reconsider luxury purchases / recession is upon us / markets and crypto have continued to fall / the housing markets have slowed / etc etc ...
  12. Fish Fingers

    How much HP does a Turbo S REALLY have? Dyno Run Video

    I am happy to take Frank's word on any of the technical gubbins on here. You can have the assistants post Dee. 😁 If anyone needs any advice on boxing technique or rare soul music on here.....I would like to be considered as the go to bod on that front 🤣
  13. Fish Fingers

    Watch collectors - let's talk watches here!

    I have just bought two beaters for me and the Mrs due to travelling and not really wanting to wear a Rolex out as much nowadays. Lots of thefts happening all over the place. My mate was robbed at gunpoint in Brazil for his Sub. And plenty of thefts happening round our neck of the woods...
  14. Fish Fingers

    UK service & costs

    That sir - is an epic bit of research and very useful to us UK forum nembers. Thankyou. 👏👏👏
  15. Fish Fingers

    Taycan - What options/spec? (£87K budget)

    Just thinking ahead.... Let's not head into the devicive option of Sport Chrono on a RWD Taycan (again) 🤣 Also, another option I missed..... Heated steering wheel. Minimal cost and along with heated seats means lower cabin temp in winter and more mileage.
  16. Fish Fingers

    Taycan - What options/spec? (£87K budget)

    Its my ballpark, as my RWD is about £86k now. Owned it 9mths. I would say my recommended spec for UK roads is: *Performance battery plus (for extra range and some performance) *20" + alloys (for looks) *Air suspension (lift for ramps etc) *360 camera (absolutely essential for parking)...
  17. Fish Fingers

    Dealers having stock and selling for over list

    "The best cure for high prices is....high prices" Kills demand.
  18. Fish Fingers

    Taking the watermelon spec to the next level

    Here is Frank doing a spot of painting at the coast 🤣🤣🤣
  19. Fish Fingers

    Taycan - Worth the Wait?

    Mine is my first EV. It is also my first Porsche. Every time I get in it I smile. It feels like driving the future. I moved back close to where I grew up and now drive the same roads I used to in my clapped out 1976 Celica back in c1984. The memories and flashbacks to that time are very...
  20. Fish Fingers

    Charging issues

    As above. I have my car set with a Timer to make use of the cheap rate electricity overnight. When I plug it in (as long as its above my minimum set 55%) I get the pulsing blue light. Basically, it's on pause waiting to start the charge at midnight - when it will turn green. In the...