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  1. Taycan fire in Florida garage

    I installed my own charger not only to save a buck but also to learn about the tech and have a sense of accomplishment with a home remodel. Having said that, I've seen a LOT of videos online where people should definitely not be working on their house. Too many corners cut.
  2. Front fender vents

    @ThomasDK he says they are fake, but that is a HUGE pole. *shrug* Good observation @KensingtonPark. I guess that is a good reason to require it blocked off.
  3. Front fender vents

    Oh, you mean these? Huh, I figured those would be the same. I'll be a little sad if the 4S is different. I wonder why they'd do that.
  4. Front fender vents

    To the best of my knowledge vents are the same on all models. They open an close depending upon what the car needs.
  5. Taycan fire in Florida garage

    It shouldn't be any more than a car of similar value. This is one isolated incident. We're far more likely to crash into something while driving.
  6. 2020 Porsche Taycan Reviews Compilation

    I understood "Porsche", "Taycan", and "drive". I think maybe I heard "Tesla", too. To me it sounded like he was talking backwards the entire time. HAHA
  7. My Taycan 4S delivered in Germany

    Many average folks, including myself, likely will never be able to accurately answer this question. Normal driving will barely use the physical brakes. I'm sure there is a difference on the track, and if you have to brake hard, but for normal daily use I'm betting the standard option will work...
  8. LED Matrix Headlights?

    That is their main purpose: to make other drivers notice you better. ;) Not only is is safer for you, but all other drivers around. :like:
  9. Taycan fire in Florida garage

    Belay this. It was explained on the Twitter account, I just failed to see their other post.
  10. Taycan fire in Florida garage

    The initial tweet has disappeared. Very odd. Please provide a link to this information.
  11. Mobile Charger Plus

    The charger available today is the more enhanced version, with a digital touchscreen and other network communication features which I doubt will be available initially & require additional service with the mysterious Home Energy Manager. From...
  12. LED Matrix Headlights?

    They are a safety measure which don't impact the driver in any way. I'm curious why anyone would chose to disable it.
  13. Where is the spare tire in the taycan? Is it a full size tire?

    One reason I kept the 19" wheels is to give the vehicle a little more protection, so to speak, from rim and tire damage.
  14. Taycan / Porsche must have accessories?

    My Epass works just fine in our Model 3. Strange yours doesn't.
  15. Steering Sport Chrono

    If you look close the bottom steering wheel has thicker hand holds at 10 and 2; addition stitching at 12, 4, and 8. The design of around the buttons is slight tweaked as well (notice the screws).
  16. Performance Options on 4S? PDCC, RWS, PTV Plus

    I, too, considered this and found a similarly spec'd Turbo would have been ~$30k more. Sticking with the base 4S wheels is a significant savings... and I like how they look.
  17. Performance Options on 4S? PDCC, RWS, PTV Plus

    I went with them all on my 4S. I wanted to make the car as fun to drive as possible, even if I don't fell minor nuances of the feature. RWS is a must IMO. The turning radius of the vehicle is amazing with it, and changing lanes at highway speeds smoother.
  18. Clear Side Markers

    I'll be looking for this modification once I get my vehicle. I've already mentioned this to my dealer. I hope they can help me.
  19. Bill Gates' first electric car? A Porsche Taycan

    Do you think Bill got special treatment to get one early? HAHAHA
  20. Bill Gates' first electric car? A Porsche Taycan

    If we're going to share videos, please share the original instead of giving clicks to folks who steal content. Talking Tech and 2020 with Bill Gates!