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  1. I am genuinely shocked by how much attention this car attracts on a daily basis.

    Carmine red isn't the most stealth of colors but it looks great!
  2. Taycan - What options/spec? (£87K budget)

    The 93 kW variant is the performance plus. Or, any model of the cross turismo comes with the bigger battery (and air suspension) as well. For me, I found the standard suspension to be great, therefore I opted out of air suspension and went with: *Performance battery plus *20" + alloys *360...
  3. Other Hobbies

    Jeez.. 7?! :oops:
  4. Report: New battery coming to reduce Taycan weight by 400kg and increasing charge rate and power?

    It was already stated that the Macan would have more range than the current Taycans, in part due to the PPE platform shared with VW Group.
  5. RBR Reviews Taycan GTS Sport Turismo & Comparison to Cross Turismo

    Good review and loved the part about the technical details on the GTS!
  6. Cross Turismo colours vs Sport Turismo…

    My thoughts / choice as well.
  7. CARMINE RED Taycan Club

    Looks amazing, congrats!
  8. Any UK news on April build slots?

    On the Taycan RWD, the window trims are in matt black already (whereas 4S and up have chrome). Therefore, I left the high gloss black elements out of my spec (window trim) and went with the matt black. Other than that, the 14 or 18 way seats also have seat memory built in, so the step from 8...
  9. Zuffenhausen Production closing next week

    Hi Bennie, waiting for RWD ST as well from PCE. They have informed me that as of now, they expect to deliver in June, whereas I should have gotten the car next week under normal circumstances.
  10. Taycans affected by WME3 will NOT be retrofitted with an electronic steering column adjustment

    Does anybody know if new orders do get the steering column adjustment?
  11. My Views After Test Driving RWD & 4S Both today!

    To be honest that's a bit of a weird reply, like saying that if you don't buy the Turbo S you shouldn't buy the Taycan at all. Everybody has their budget and should decide whether an option is or isn't worth it.
  12. Ladies and gentlemen. The first Taycan GTS picked up

    Congrats man! Lovely spec. Do you have a better pic of the model designation in exterior color?
  13. CARMINE RED Taycan Club

    Oh man Oh man, looks great! Confirming I made the right choice.
  14. Real world Taycan RWD (standards battery) range

    Well, not many do not take PB+, so interested to hear from some owners.
  15. CARMINE RED Taycan Club

    Come on guys, carmine deserves more love.
  16. Porsche production stopping - March.

    How so, any more on this?