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  1. Computerglitch

    4 seats -> 5 seats

    If you’re worried get the extra seat but I chose the 2+2 because Im not ,will never use it and I don’t think it will affect resale.the seat is useless 😂 Each to their own but was the easiest decision for me
  2. Computerglitch

    20K Mile Service Completed. Breakdown of Items Performed & Cost

    I just said exactly the same thing to the wife...MOT is more in depth and for £50!!
  3. Computerglitch

    RBR Reviews Taycan GTS Sport Turismo & Comparison to Cross Turismo

    I thought it was a good review apart from the waffle about the roof
  4. Computerglitch

    The definitive discussion: adaptive air suspension worth it or not?

    Drive both if you can. I did and thought the springs were excellent over speed bumps etc. However it is personal choice. The best config probably includes 30k of extras, you personally draw the line. I see some people say it’s their first option…… was way down on my list and I live in east...
  5. Computerglitch

    Just collected my RWD and love it!!

    Ahhh yes I forgot all about that. Car on 600 miles and what cars these taycans are!!!
  6. Computerglitch

    Only £80,000 to spend

    I did get power steering plus but never driven one without
  7. Computerglitch

    Only £80,000 to spend

    My rwd was £79500 and just about got the basics: nice colour, wheels, roof,mirrors Bose and sunroof. Obv ST is a little more so think you might need to go to 83ish. Fantastic cars and don’t be put off by ppl saying you NEED 15k of extras ….maybe forsake the roof? By the way, I have steel springs...
  8. Computerglitch

    How long are you planning to keep your Taycan?

    I 100% agree.... totally my thinking but might be a while ??
  9. Computerglitch

    What battery level you guys recommend charging and up to what max level ?

    When I collected mine 3 weeks ago from Porsche, it was charged to 96%. When I asked my SA he said it’s fine to charge to that level if you are using it. I’ve still only charged to 85% as I’ve not needed a long run yet.
  10. Computerglitch

    Porsche car insurance

    Same here admiral £800 and Porsche £2600
  11. Computerglitch

    Goodbye for now!

    Fully agree….2+2 that middle seat a waste ?
  12. Computerglitch

    Just collected my RWD and love it!!

  13. Computerglitch

    Performance Options ?

    You will get a varied response about extras. Subliminally people will recommend what they bought and say its a must. I can only say that the standard springs are great on my RWD. I have no RAS and I’m able to park easily as I have the surround view, I have standard interior which is nice but I...
  14. Computerglitch

    Just collected my RWD and love it!!

    Just gone in for ceramic coating this morning so will put some pics up when it’s back at the weekend
  15. Computerglitch

    Just collected my RWD and love it!!

    Very nice. I went mamba, turbo Aeros, folding mirrors, Bose, steering +,pano roof and surround view. I went basic due to cost restraint and tightness ?
  16. Computerglitch

    Just collected my RWD and love it!!

    Good luck what extras did you pick?
  17. Computerglitch

    Just collected my RWD and love it!!

    Yep my 997 does as well….first world problems
  18. Computerglitch

    Just collected my RWD and love it!!

    ???yep will look for some not sure as Porsche guy configured it for me but did use my phone im sure
  19. Computerglitch

    Just collected my RWD and love it!!

    Car still steaming up a little and Porsche confirmed that headlights have a tendency to do the same. Used Bp charge for the first time . Realised (7kw) is a waste of time lol. Just sorted multi car insurance out with Admiral...... what a pain that was! Car is awesome but the pcm seems to lose...