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  1. Hirschaj

    1100 mile trip with no EV experience in a brand new car - Louisville KY to Austin TX

    Warning, this is a long read but I put a bunch of stuff in bold text to make it easier to pick out just the parts you might be interested in (lots of pictures too). I wrote the story in Medium where I will also be sharing more information as I gain more experience with the car. Of course, I will...
  2. Hirschaj

    Bentley EV 0-60 in 1.5!

    This thing looks pretty sick. I can’t even imagine what 0-60 in 1.5 seconds feels like. Interesting that they will add a mode to slow it down …
  3. Hirschaj

    Creating the Taycan Sound (with audio clips)

    Interesting article on the process of creating the artificial sound in the Taycan with a bunch of audio clips from the Taycan and other Porsche cars.
  4. Hirschaj

    Who’s on board Felicity Ace - Feb 10 from Emden?

    Let’s endure this difficult waiting period together. My car will get dropped off in Houston on or around March 2. Final destination is Austin TX. This is my first Porsche and the wait has been painful. I’ve read this forum religiously and have watched every video I could find. Here’s a...
  5. Hirschaj

    Track competition between Taycan CT4S and 911 on Fifth Gear

    If you get a chance to see Fifth Gear Recharged episode 8 they race a CT4S against a 911. Unlike in a past episode, the same person drove both cars. Fun segment to watch! Really cool seeing that wagon blast around the track.
  6. Hirschaj

    My Production Estimated Dates vs Actuals

    Updated on May 19 I thought people would be interested to see the estimates vs actuals as production progresses. I ordered a CT4 on Nov 11, 2021. My dealer (Porsche Austin) had an allocation for a January build that I was able to reserve with a $5K deposit. I'll list all the steps shown in TYD...
  7. Hirschaj

    The Price is Right

    This was on the 50th anniversary episode of The Price is Right (didn’t actually watch it, my mom sent me a text about it). I’m going to email my dealer letting him know this is how I expect to take delivery of my CT4 in March ?
  8. Hirschaj

    Anyone near Austin TX with a CT?

    Hi all, I’ve been reading the forum for a couple of weeks now doing research before attempting to order a CT. I reached out to Porsche of Austin asking if they have a CT I can look at and test drive but as you can imagine the answer was no, they don’t have any. Are there any forum members who...