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  1. f1eng


    I have a question for Porsche engineering people. I know that PDCC has active links in the ARBs to allow correction of roll. What I have assumed is that these active links are effectively disconnected when there is no lateral “G” so the ride will be better with PDCC as well as the roll being...
  2. f1eng

    Is it a pain to not use Apple Music when setting up a new Taycan?

    I got a 6-month free trial of Apple Music and Apple TV a while ago but continued with neither since I didn’t find the music to be better than the Qobuz subscription I already had and Apple TV was just too painful to keep logging into and I have no idea why it kept asking - I just lost patience...
  3. f1eng

    Who uses the "trackpad" function of the lower screen?

    I had a second demo drive 9 months after my original order, to see if I still want one... Having read about the lower part of the lower screen behaving like a trackpad, and having experience of a huge number of miss directions or total misses using a touch screen at arms length in a moving car I...
  4. f1eng

    Saw 2 Taycans on the road for the first time yesterday.

    I am still waiting for a build date on my CT 4S 9 months after placing a deposit and I almost never travel on a motorway so only seen one before. On my 500 mile drive from near Aviemore to south Oxfordshire yesterday I saw 2 Taycans, one a Mamba Green 2WD and a dark grey or black CT4. The CT...
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    This is a shame!
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    Taycan connection to the "outside world" and its importance.

    I have been concerned about any need for a Taycan to have permanent or almost permanent connection to the "outside world". I have reasonable wifi signal in my garage and a reasonable 4G 'phone signal too but at my brother's home in the Scottish borders there is zero phone signal and any...
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    Using Apple Car play for non Apple music streaming (Qobuz) or playing from a USB stick

    I started using file based music when the original iPod came out because I am a music lover but was abroad somewhere every week. As a mainly classical music listener I found the file structure inconvenient, with tracks called "songs" when 95% of what I listen to not being songs, but lived with...
  8. f1eng

    Headlining colour?

    Probably not a question for places where the glass roof is standard but does anybody know if there is any interior colour specification which gives a pale headlining colour? I don't like glass roofs but all the pictures of the interior without it that I have seen make the rear seats look like a...
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    Carbon fibre as trim

    I have used carbon fibre as a structural material in my designs for over 40 years now but have never thought of it as decorative. Making it look nice usually means excess surface resin and a cosmetic layer (as opposed to structurally oriented) so it is usually heavier than painting the...