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  1. Michelin Pilot Sport 4S (PS4S) Now Available in 21" Taycan Size!

    I'm actually really curious to hear what you think, though I'm still quite far away from wearing out the O.E. continentals :D
  2. Paint Correction and Ceramic Coating Cost??

    This is a little less than I was quoted for the same at protective film solutions in California, so it seems about right. For me the quote included a light correction of areas not already ppf'ed, and ceramic coating exterior surfaces, including the glass and trim plastics.
  3. Slate grey full leather - will race-tex also come in slate grey?

    Thanks - though the dealer should be given credit for the colour choice, as this was one of the cars they had on the lot. I wasn't sure about the wood at first but it's grown on me.. much like the frozen blue metallic. Personally I am not sure the blue will match with the slate grey, but I'm...
  4. Slate grey full leather - will race-tex also come in slate grey?

    It matches pretty well.. here's mine. I have a volcano grey 4s. FBM - frozen blue metallic or frozen berry metallic?
  5. My mathematical mind's intuition was right ! Our Taycan's consumption figures are way off !

    I noticed this too - thanks for the confirmation here. I had always wondered why the total average consumption and the per-charge average consumption never converged to the same numbers (or even anywhere close to the same numbers.)
  6. New campaign (WNA5) Power Electronics and DME Software Update

    It’s one possible reason among a sea of possibilities. There’s too many to elaborate here without sidetracking the discussion but it is discussed at length elsewhere on these forums.
  7. New campaign (WNA5) Power Electronics and DME Software Update

    WMP5 has to do with refrigerant circuit pressure sensors that might have an incorrect spec on them. TL;DR: the battery cooling and AC may not work as they should especially as time goes on. Here's the bulletin I found:
  8. Bug Thread: Comfort Entry Doesn't Move Steering Wheel

    This happened to me and I had the dealer look at it the other day. They were able to fix it. They did this by "reprogram front control unit and teach steering column adjustment using PIWIS tester". Hope that helps.
  9. New campaign (WNA5) Power Electronics and DME Software Update

    Unfortunately not; the most detail I was able to get was what was already listed on the doc - "Reprogramming power electronics and engine electronics." Subjectively I haven't noticed a change in driving experience yet, but I have only done a few miles since the update.
  10. New campaign (WNA5) Power Electronics and DME Software Update

    My 2020 4s is in for unrelated reasons and my advisor just called saying this popped this morning for my car so they went ahead and did it as well.
  11. Heater issues anyone?

    I dropped my car off yesterday for AMC1, as well as a couple of other issues, and they added WMP5 to list of services. Here's the bulletin I found on the NHTSA site for WMP5: So far the heater in mine has been fine, but then I also...
  12. "Clunk" in rear drive when slow roll reaccellerating

    This certainly happens with mine, especially if I have the throttle engaged. I generally try not to use the throttle when switching from normal to sport mode. I also have a clunk that happens when I go from backing up the car, stopping, and into drive (such as backing out of parking space.) A...
  13. Advice for considering to buy a lemon/buyback?

    This is the red-flag for me - if it was from a Porsche dealer, I think the other advice in this thread is pretty good, but since it isn't from a Porsche dealer, I would not consider this, especially if it was a lemon buyback.
  14. VOLCANO GREY Taycan Club

    If you hadn't said anything I wouldn't have noticed the lift..I still think the car looks really good! They're great photos too.
  15. Charging Dilemma - Fast or Slow?

    Keep mind that rapidly charging the car often can have an impact on battery longevity. Given that I would prefer to charge at home at a slower rate where possible. I personally use the fast chargers about once a week but that's because I don't have a charger in my apartment complex so I have...
  16. Wait times for Taycan Service Apt....what are you hearing?

    Yeah flighting like this is a good way to gain confidence in the updates. Let's hope Porsche finds their confidence and competence in software updates so we don't ask have to visit dealerships in the future.
  17. Wait times for Taycan Service Apt....what are you hearing?

    This is indeed a good question. I suspect they're jittery with OTA updates and drivetrain electronics. If something goes poorly they risk bricking the car and would then have to have it towed to the dealership to be fixed. There are many ways around this problem of course, but I doubt we'll...
  18. Wait times for Taycan Service Apt....what are you hearing?

    In May, when I tried to proactively book my car in for the WMA5 update, I was told they had no appointments available until August. I took the appointment, knowing I would need the update eventually. A couple of weeks later, my PCM decided to completely stop connecting to the cellular network. I...
  19. Macan loaner: why is the quality so much better?

    I wouldn't buy a base Macan for sure. I would be interested in seeing what the higher trim levels offer (especially the upcoming electric one), but I agree.. the base model is terrible. I understand why dealers use them as loan cars but unfortunately they leave terrible impressions.. but the...
  20. Macan loaner: why is the quality so much better?

    I've definitely noticed software issues in the pcm. Carplay takes so long to connect I went back to using my android phone for audio. This is when I discovered a bug that the pcm never properly deleted my iPhone and kept trying to connect to carplay as if it was the default media player. I...