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  1. RingoDingo

    Standard Interior - Bolster wear?

    Apologies if this has been covered, but I did a search and didn't see anything. I have the standard interior, which has pleather on the outer parts of the seat bolsters. It looks fine, feels fine, I don't hate it. I'm wondering if anyone who has the standard interior can weigh in on how those...
  2. RingoDingo

    SXSW - Porsche Unseen

    A couple of photos from the SXSW exhibit here in Austin (open to the public).
  3. RingoDingo

    March 2022 US Deliveries

    My 4S is in Emden and TYD has it scheduled to be put on a ship destined for Houston by 1/21 with delivery to Austin by March 4th. No vessel name yet. Just starting up a March 2022 delivery thread as I hadn't seen one started yet.
  4. RingoDingo

    March 4S deliveries

    Had an early December lock date and delivery is scheduled for early March ; build should be done next week - but I haven’t heard a single thing from Porsche corporate (as opposed to my local dealer). I was told I should expect a bunch of emails, but nothing so far. SA hasn’t responded to my...
  5. RingoDingo

    Getting Nervous re Allocation

    I put a $5k deposit down with the local dealership. Salesperson accepted it and sent a receipt and then later realized that my Porsche Code/order was for a 4S instead of a base Taycan (which we had initially discussed). They then told me that changing to the 4S would move the lock date back...