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  1. Taycan 4S Road Trip Experiences w/ Performance Battery

    Hence why you draft a truck going 70+ mph so you don’t have to go 60 mph driving solo just to get to the next charger. Ideally you have enough battery without having to do any of these shenanigans, but sometimes the conditions, charger, or trip estimation are not perfect. No matter how...
  2. Taycan 4S Road Trip Experiences w/ Performance Battery

    While I don’t have my Taycan yet, another tip I find really useful is staying behind trucks or other big vehicles. You don’t want to get too close, but if you can find a truck or SUV going 75+ mph, you can save 15-20% over 2 hours of driving. I did this regularly with my Tesla if I was cutting...
  3. Looking for GTS sedan in US without markup!

    Check this thread
  4. Searching for an Allocation

    Just an update, I just learned that the dealership in Okemos, MI has an open GTS sedan allocation available at MSRP. My list was updated for those of you who have it.
  5. GTS build - time to lock in

    That doesn’t make sense. HUD is included in the technology package. Just select technology package and it will include HUD
  6. Searching for an Allocation

    Yup that’s exactly what I’m doing now. Cheaper to do the PECLA delivery and more fun! It will delay by 4-8 weeks
  7. Over MSRP

    I wrote up my experience recently of finding my GTS. Check it out. It’s a pretty painless process to find an allocation somewhere in the county
  8. Searching for an Allocation

    Good stuff! Post pics on your road trip!
  9. Searching for an Allocation

    Are you having it delivered? I was thinking of getting delivered to PECLA, and then road trip it back home. I was thinking of applying a temporary clear bra in LA (like Trakk Tape or Track Armour) to prevent rock chips before I get a permanent clear bra installed close to home.
  10. Searching for an Allocation

    If anyone is looking for my list of dealers, there are still four GTS sedan allocations available at MSRP. PM me.
  11. Searching for an Allocation

    Max ADM $20K, most were $10-$15K
  12. Searching for an Allocation

    Continued... What has this taught me? You should not have to spend more than MSRP for anything. With enough will and effort, you can get one at MSRP. Also it has taught me that some dealerships can be extremely smug, even moreso now than before. Hopefully, one day all car manufacturers will go...
  13. Searching for an Allocation

    Hello everyone, I have been looking for a Taycan GTS sedan in the USA. No luck in the local market (charging ADM above MSRP if allocation is available). So I began a nationwide search, searching 36 states (avoided pacific states, AK, HI, and anything northeast of DC). I sent emails to 97...