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  1. HelfFL

    20K Mile Service Completed. Breakdown of Items Performed & Cost

    For those of you coming up to your 20,000 mile service, I just had mine completed on my MY20 Taycan Turbo (purchased May 2020), in addition to the WNA5 and AMC1 updates, as well as new tires. Below is the printout for the entries related just to the 20K service so you can see what's involved for...
  2. HelfFL

    Unknown Concerning Sound

    I have an early MY20 Taycan Turbo - on Wednesday I got one of our beloved Electrical System Fault messages and couldn't move car. Locked it, moved away and let it sit for 10-15 min. When I restarted it, it was fine. Then Thursday evening when I got home from work I heard a crazy whirring sound...
  3. HelfFL

    A Christmas Miracle . . .

    Stopped by an Electrify America station that was recently upgraded with 150kW chargers and was able to charge on first try - no stoppages, no false starts, no calls to EA customer service. Was able to do quick charge from 70% SOC to 94% SOC in just 19 min.
  4. HelfFL

    PPF Installed With Water Stains - Should the Installer Be Standing Behind their Work?

    Back in June, I had Suntek Ultra PPF installed on the entire front and side mirrors of my Jet Black Metallic car. In August I had full-car ceramic coating (Gtechniq) applied. Shortly after the ceramic coating, when I washing my car I noticed dried water stains on the hood which is under the PPF...
  5. HelfFL

    State of Charging Networks - Matt Ferrell Video

    Tesla Supercharger Vs. the Competition - Getting Better?
  6. HelfFL

    Need Recommendation for Fastest Office Charger

    The management company for my office building asked me to help research possible charging stations to install at our office. I'm the only Taycan but we have several Teslas, as well as Porsche hybrids. Would like to recommend fastest possible charger that could work for both. I understand there...
  7. HelfFL

    What Date Did You Place Your Deposit?

    Just curious, when did you give your dealer any kind of deposit to express your interest and try to reserve an allocation spot. Mine was made on February 8, 2018 and I took delivery May 30, 2020.
  8. HelfFL

    NAV Voice Commands - Metric vs Imperial

    My NAV and other settings are for miles and that's what's displayed on my NAV screen, but the voice commands still announce in kilometers. Anyone experience this and know where to change it? Or is this just one of those software inconsistencies that I'll have to live with for a while? At least...
  9. HelfFL

    Ditch the PMCC (for now)?

    As a result of the concerns regarding the Porsche Mobile Charger Connect supply cable heat, is anyone thinking about purchasing a third-party mobile charger to use until Porsche either sorts it out or convinces us that it is safe and within specs? If you are thinking about it, what brand/model...
  10. HelfFL

    Storage Compartment - 12-Volt Socket Power Off

    My 12-volt socket in the interior storage compartment doesn't seem to power off after locking the car. I have my radar detector plugged in until I get my Radenso detector and antilaser installed but it doesn't seem to power off after locking car and leaving. Is this socket supposed to always be...
  11. HelfFL

    Porsche Mobile Charger (Not Mobile Charger Connect) - When Will it be Available?

    Has anyone seen any info on when the Porsche Mobile Charger will be available for purchase? @daveo4EV do you plan to add this to your arsenal or stick with the Tesla Mobile Charger? This one:
  12. HelfFL

    Electrify America completes cross-country EV charging route

    Article from CNET: Electrify America can now take your EV all the way from LA to DC Let's hope most of these charging stations have working chargers.
  13. HelfFL

    Connect App Message - Climate Control Process has Been Completed

    I do not have any timers or profiles set up but out of nowhere the Porsche Connect App started giving me notifications on my iPhone that the "Climate control process has been completed". I don't believe I changed any settings that would cause the climate control process to begin let alone get...
  14. HelfFL

    Comfort Access - Very Short Range

    I'm finding that the Comfort Access (i.e., keyless entry) has a very short range. I really have to be close to the door to unlock and lock it. If I initially go to the car and pass the front rather than coming from the side, it seems to read the key in my pocket a little farther away. Anyone...
  15. HelfFL

    Taycan Wheel Spacers - 15mm front / 10mm rear

    My car is at the custom shop getting windows tinted and clear bra installed. He wants to add wheel spacers - 15mm for front and 10mm in rear. Any reason NOT to do it on the Taycan (depending on how much he'll charge). They do add a little aggressiveness to the look of the car but want to make...
  16. HelfFL

    Any Taycan Owners in the South Florida Area?

    I don't see many owners posting from the South Florida area. Anyone?
  17. HelfFL

    Radar/Laser Detectors - Hardwired

    Has anyone installed a hardwired radar/laser detector like the Escort Max CI 360 in their Taycan? Wondering if anyone is having any issues with battery performance or electrical system. Please also post pics of install to show where components were installed. Looking for ideas.