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  1. jimshadow

    I am genuinely shocked by how much attention this car attracts on a daily basis.

    My Taycan gets as much attention as my DB9. Thumbs up, pics, comments, looks. You’d think I’m driving a Ferrari!
  2. jimshadow

    How Many Miles do you have?

    2020 Taycan 4S. 31,569 as of today. LOTS of driving planned for this summer. I’ll bet I’m close to 50,000 miles by end of the year.
  3. jimshadow

    20K Mile Service Completed. Breakdown of Items Performed & Cost

    My guy said that the majority of the cost was "Preventing the tech from getting electrocuted".....I'm at 32,000 miles and not a single issue. I may skip the next service. I can do inspections in my own garage without dying. :) PS, my 20K service was the same price.
  4. jimshadow

    New Wheels

    Another one from yesterday. :)
  5. jimshadow

    New Wheels

    The car is filthy, but I just had to post come pics here: These wheels TOTALLY transform the car. Pics just don't do it justice !
  6. jimshadow

    FVD lowering links (NEW)

  7. jimshadow

    Curious to see Everyone's Automotive Journey That Lead You to the Taycan (pic heavy)...

    Oh wow…..great thread. I’m 52. I’m at 109 cars since I was 17. My Daughters can count 35 cars since their earliest memories and a few more than that since they were born…:). Too many to list here, however, I may just post up a list of pics for fun!! Taycan is one of my Top 3 of all...
  8. jimshadow

    FOR SALE: 21" Wheel Set

    I’ll post pic as soon as they are on the car. The seller was amazing to work with . Thanks again @jmeys23!
  9. jimshadow

    FOR SALE: 21" Wheel Set

    I was debating the Vossen HF-5’s for this spring, then saw these. LOVE the aggressiveness of them. I’ll keep my all seasons on the OEM wheels, and run the heck out of these Pirellis this summer. :)
  10. jimshadow

    FOR SALE: 21" Wheel Set

    These are sold BTW....soon to be on some members Black 4S. :) (ask me how I know)
  11. jimshadow

    FOR SALE: 21" Wheel Set

  12. jimshadow

    US - AMC3 Recall for certain MY 2020 Taycan front and rear upper control arm connections that may be loose

    Did they only produce 7 vehicles per month back then? Mine was delivered in Spring 2020, so I’m good there. :)
  13. jimshadow

    Get free charging at Electrify America stations until 11/29

    I charged last night for free on my trip home from my Brother's [email protected] mi/min. 20 minutes of checking emails and this site and I was on my way!
  14. jimshadow

    Try not to get a flat tire… backordered

    Just flipped 20,000. MIGHT have another 2-3k of dry weather driving but that would be pushing it. I can already feel Them slip in cool/wet weather if I drive aggressively. They won’t be any good in the snow At this point.
  15. jimshadow

    Try not to get a flat tire… backordered

    Starting to get low tread depth on my Contis. Was looking at Tire Rack and noticed their inventory was low so I Ordered. Glad that I did. I’ll likely need new tires by the time snow falls so <PHEW>!!!
  16. jimshadow

    Taycan Brake Fade

    same exact thing happens to me at the end of my driveway at low speeds. There's a slight decline there and I get the increased pedal travel. It's the transition between the regen and the disc brakes.......
  17. jimshadow

    Is Patrick Anderson on this site? So much misleading information in this article

    I’m curious how many on this forum buy an EV to save a mile (or a buck) here or there?
  18. jimshadow

    Here’s a warning I haven’t seen before!

    I get it frequently. Was told it has to do with your cellphones ability to contact 911 and if it stays on it’s a problem…. Mine always goes away within a few minutes. FWIW, YMMV
  19. jimshadow

    Watch collectors - let's talk watches here!

  20. jimshadow

    What’s your Taycan efficiency?

    Just found this thread. I’ll add to it: MY2020 4S with 20” Turbo Wheels. I drive year around in Indiana so the avg temps are all over the place.