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  1. X88

    1100 mile trip with no EV experience in a brand new car - Louisville KY to Austin TX

    Congratulations! And thanks for the nice write-up. I'm keen to get some miles on the clock too, once I take delivery of my Taycan in August.
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    Thanks ... appreciate the additional perspective!
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    Thanks! I also ordered the Black/Bordeaux red interior 👌 (but with 21" Exclusive Design rather than Mission E wheels). How would you sum up your impressions on how your car looks in real life with the stealth PPF compared to before? And do you have ceramic coating over the PPF?
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    Wow that looks great! A chance you could send shots taken in daylight? I had wondered if I should go for the XPEL Stealth on my Dolomite Silver GTS once it's delivered, but until now I haven't found any photos on the forum or the net. Thanks!
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    Beautiful car and brilliant photography. I especially like the 3rd and 5th shots.
  6. X88

    Dolomite Silver Taycan GTS (UK)

    Nice! I'm waiting patiently for my own Dolomite Silver GTS with 21" ED wheels ... thanks for the pics!
  7. X88

    Interesting way to display your front license plate in CA - using wrap

    _Brian_ thanks, that's a good point ... I'll keep it in mind
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    Interesting way to display your front license plate in CA - using wrap

    ciaranob I'd be interested in the company, thanks. I'm been in TX too (18 years) but haven't had as much luck as you ... about 5 years ago I got a ticket while driving from Houston to Dallas for not having front plates on my Panamera GTS. As soon as I got home I bought a Platypus tow hook...
  9. X88

    GTS Build

    Very nice spec. Matches my own Taycan GTS order in all material respects other than PDCC. I have PDCC on my Panamera GTS and am very happy with the handling and ride (although I haven't had real time in a non-PDCC Panamera to compare to) so it was the first option I checked on my Taycan...
  10. X88

    Ev charger

    I'm not sure about Canadian regulations, but in the U.S. the requirement is that the breaker in the electrical panel should be sized such that it can deliver 100% of the rated current for peak loads and 80% of the rated current for sustained loads. EV charging represents sustained loads, so to...
  11. X88

    Anyone out there having (ordered) Sunshine Contro?

    I have the pano roof with Variable Light Control on my GTS sedan order (expected delivery August) ...
  12. X88

    2,500km family roadtrip - Dublin (Ireland) to Athens (Greece) - in a Taycan 4S.

    Fantastic report! I greatly enjoyed the write-up and photos of your adventure. The info on trunk/space planning and photo of the four roll-on cabin bags in the trunk were especially useful for me, as I'm considering long distance driving with four adults once I get delivery of my Taycan...
  13. X88

    Taycan Production to Stop for a 'Substantial' Period of Time

    Very happy for you! I paid the deposit for my GTS in January; TYD is showing Start Production on 06/03 and I'm keeping my fingers crossed 🤞
  14. X88


    Very nice! Thanks for posting. Eagerly anticipating my Dolomite Silver GTS sedan (estimated delivery in August). BTW you can now delete the "ordered" in your profile 😝
  15. X88

    Aug delivery.

    My TYD went umbrella man yesterday, but this morning I see that I finally have a production date for my GTS sedan! Current estimated timeline (about 4-5 weeks slippage from initial estimates in January) 2022-01-13 Paid deposit with commission number 2022-04-26 Change Freeze Point Reached...
  16. X88

    Ice Grey Taycan GTS delivered

    Agreed! I'm jealously awaiting my Dolomite Silver GTS to be delivered ... currently scheduled for August
  17. X88

    Ice Grey Taycan GTS delivered

    Nice looking car ... thanks for posting
  18. X88

    Some minor upgrades for my 22’ Taycan

    I love the monochrome emblem too. Where did you buy it?