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  1. Matt-Taycan

    The Brabus take on the Taycan Turbo S

    I suppose It was only a matter of time...
  2. Matt-Taycan

    When might we get more options..?

    I'm sure some members with more Porsche buying experience may have some insight on this question... At what point in the life cycle of a Model does Porsche throw out some extra customization? I suspect half-life "facelift" and/or when there's a price increase. A few extras are thrown in as...
  3. Matt-Taycan

    24 hours with a Taycan GTS Sport Turismo (Coffee Beige Metallic)

    I'm currently running down a full charge of this GTS ST Demonstrator. Figured I'd share some thoughts... Coffee Beige Metallic by the way... IMO probably the worst of all the colours but still not terrible in bright sunshine. Sometimes dealerships have to have what Porsche HQ...
  4. Matt-Taycan

    The National Grid needs you

    EV users to be incentivised to put energy back into the Grid at peak times from their car batteries. A WHOPPING 15p per Kilowatt Hour on offer ? READ TELEGRAPH ARTICLE Sign me up. Tycan 2.0 paid for in no time