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  1. Oink

    Sport Chrono function in the PCM missing? Do you have it?

    Would be weird if it required "hardware" for some time attack logging... considering the Sport Chrono option in the instrumental "cluster" does kind of the same thing. And again, this was available on the sim site from the start.
  2. Oink

    Sport Chrono function in the PCM missing? Do you have it?

    It's about the principle -- Why is this missing at all? Does Porsche feel that '21 and '20 aren't trackable?
  3. Oink

    Picked up my new Taycan today...fabulous.

    Considering they limit you to a fixed set of colors instead of just having an RGB slider... "Porsche knows best."
  4. Oink

    Picked up my new Taycan today...fabulous.

    There's a hamburger icon underneath the "SYNC" button. Think it only shows up when driving? Unsure. Just drag that down.
  5. Oink

    Sport Chrono function in the PCM missing? Do you have it?

    It's been in the simulator app since it was based on the old PCM, but I'm starting to wonder if it's only active for '22. Would be nice if someone with a '20 or '21 comes along and says they have it.
  6. Oink

    Sport Chrono function in the PCM missing? Do you have it?

    I've never seen this in a Taycan myself, but it is available in the PCM simulator and has been since it came online, and someone posted a picture of their 2022 CT4 with it showing. It is, however, not visible in our 4S with the sport chrono package, nor has it been in any of the loaners I've had...
  7. Oink

    How much HP does a Turbo S REALLY have? Dyno Run Video

    Now someone dyno the 4 and 4S in their two configurations. People always doing it with the biggest brothers. 😴 Arguably the least sold version of the car.
  8. Oink

    I am underwhelmed by my Taycan Pen

    What the fuck? I received nothing. How do I go about getting some of these? >:(
  9. Oink

    Tesla’s UK charging network opens to all electric cars

    You can see it in the Tesla app. Works fine here in Norway. Have yet to go to one because the pricing is ludicrous compared to our 1.85 NOK Ionity prices.
  10. Oink

    PCM 6.0 update notice coming for 2020-2021 models over next 30 days

    Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines. You want to add something cool? "No" -Manager. You want to present a better way to do X with Y, but it'll take you an uncertain amount of time to implement and get tested? "Good idea! It has to be finished and on my desk in 4 hours. No backing out or you're...
  11. Oink

    My Porsche update!

    Yeah in Connect the car is white with Mission E and blue headlights and porsche strip, black interior. It should be Volcano gray with red interior and turbo wheels. >:( dafuk
  12. Oink

    Lift GPS Accuracy

    Hit the button and it'll ask to save that position. It's a big circle, but I'd still do it before you get to the bump since it takes a few seconds to raise. As soon as you go above 30km/h it'll go back down to the previous setting so keep it under 30 if there are multiple bumps in succession...
  13. Oink

    Car went into neutral then park spontaneously - deja vu all over again

    Is this '22 only? Never happend with our '21.
  14. Oink

    Using iPhone as a key?

    It's the same attack as is being used for key fobs. A wave of Tesla's have been stolen here with that repeater attack. They remove the SIM so it can't be tracked. After that they rip it for parts. Best way to deal with that is enabling pin-to-drive, or for Porsche -- pin-to-login. Or just...
  15. Oink

    ? PCM 6 Update Announcement [Update: Retrofit Being Explored For Existing Taycans]

    If '21 and '20 ends up getting these, give that man a beer for being the first to be right. Not holding my breath.
  16. Oink

    Taking the watermelon spec to the next level

    How do I delete someone else's post?
  17. Oink

    The "charging" app on Europe being folded into My Porsche

    Yeah, uhh, they can call me when it includes all the consumption stats that the Connect app has, as well as the ability to create profiles. It's been months. The app sits at 1.5 stars on the Apple app store, and for good reason.
  18. Oink

    Taycan 4S Road Trip Experiences w/ Performance Battery

    Haha damn. Our speeds are quite a bit lower because of mountains. Hell, there are barely any flat roads in Bergen so I wouldn't want to go any faster on most roads. This does give me 500km+ even while crossing the country. I'm sure I could hit 600km with the 19".
  19. Oink

    Burmester Amp Missing

    Why? My experience/opinion: I had a loaner last week with the Burmester, and while it was a bit better than the Bose (Taycan Bose is leagues above the other Porsche Bose), for the price I wouldn't spec it at all. I did however like that it makes it seem comes from earlevel. Did have to lower...
  20. Oink

    Taycan 4S Road Trip Experiences w/ Performance Battery

    Careful. Drafting a big truck can be like sandblasting your car.