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  1. Swissbob

    Has anyone received the Porsche 2 bike carrier yet?

    I ordered mine with the car in May 2021, car arrived in July but still no bike rack 🤬 being told October… Dealer says none have been delivered anywhere in the world but I recall some posters on here saying they had received one?
  2. Swissbob

    Faltering acceleration in very cold conditions

    I drive up into the mountains yesterday with cold conditions and a lot of snow on the car and roads. Left the car parked for 2 hours and then drove it down. On the way down the car wouldn’t accelerate properly. Got onto a clear bit of road and same problem. Even flooring it. It would only...
  3. Swissbob

    Gravel mode for winter driving?

    What does gravel mode do apart from raising the chassis? Is it the right mode to use when driving in snow? Assume the characteristics of snow and ice on the ground are similar to loose gravel?
  4. Swissbob

    2nd key arrived. No bike rack until February

    Fortunately the snow has arrived with a vengeance so hopefully won’t need it!
  5. Swissbob

    Tire pressure / winter tires / tire noise

    When I got the CT4 the fronts were at 2.7 and rears at 2.4 (I think - or the reverse but significant difference). Just had the Winter tires fitted by Porsche and all 4 are at 2.7. Is this normal? They were also noticeably louder driving home. Is that to be expected? tires are pirelli p zero...
  6. Swissbob

    New « My Porsche » app

    Apparently it’s supposed to be bringing together functionality from different legacy apps? It’s got the colour right but trip data’s gone and all the « discover » links are in German
  7. Swissbob


    Just got a loaner Macan while they try and fix the alarm issue. Blimey it’s slow and squidgy compared to the base CT!
  8. Swissbob


    Was travelling through Oslo airport and they had one of these on display! That’s a lot of electric car for 75k euros! Seems Norway is their first European market
  9. Swissbob

    Aston Martin

    Anyone got one / driven one? They look damn cool. And JB looks like he enjoys driving them. Cool film by the way…
  10. Swissbob

    Wireless charging - pointless?

    I’ve tried using the Wireless charging a couple of times and it seems pretty pointless. Hard to get it in, only actually charges occasionally and extremely slow charging when it does. Reverting to cable with phone wedged in cup holder. Anyone had a better experience?
  11. Swissbob

    Aksel Lund Svindal recreates the iconic 1963 Egon Zimmerman 356 picture in a Neptune blue Taycan

    This is very cool ? Here’s the video of it
  12. Swissbob

    Important to maintain recommended tyre pressure?

    How important is it to keep at recommended tyre pressure? Just noticed on the app that mine’s is a bit down. Doesn’t matter for 0.1/0.2 down or adds wear/reduces performance?
  13. Swissbob

    Porsche Experience Day - videos & pics

    Signed up for this event organized by Porsche Lausanne at the local TCS testing centre. Awesome fun trying out 911’s, Taycan’s, Panamera’s and Cayenne’s next to each other. Must say my CT4 base now feels a bit pedestrian after the Taycan Turbo and 911 GT3 and Turbo S ?
  14. Swissbob

    Swiss Taycan owners

    Is there a Swiss owners group? I’m new to Porsche and appreciate the local knowledge. Signed up to this event. Anyone else from the Lausanne area going?
  15. Swissbob

    Good day for a drive!

    The Swiss Lavaux at its finest!
  16. Swissbob

    Now this is a Porsche!

    Vintage ???
  17. Swissbob

    Who’s got the standard sound?

    I was on a pretty tight budget so didn’t pay for the premium sound options assuming the standard option would be decent like on my Tesla. A bit disappointed and think I should have got the Bose? I love losing myself in a bit if Avici or similar on a mountain road and it just doesn’t sound that...
  18. Swissbob

    Porsche, please… my Taycan is not white!!!

    I mean, even the crappy Porsche Connect app is able to show my car in the right colour (well, at least after it manages to connect). But on the centre console it’s always white. Is it really that difficult to render it in the right colour?
  19. Swissbob

    Anyone had their bike rack delivered yet?

    Still waiting for bike rack, blades for roofbox and 2nd key fob. Got the car in July and originally they indicated September but still no date confirmed. The lack of bike rack is painful…
  20. Swissbob

    Question for experienced Porsche owners…

    How the hell do you hang onto your driving license??? Driving this thing at the speed limit feels like a form of torture! And I only got the base model…