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  1. jimshadow

    How Many Miles do you have?

    2020 Taycan 4S. 31,569 as of today. LOTS of driving planned for this summer. I’ll bet I’m close to 50,000 miles by end of the year.
  2. jimshadow

    New Wheels

    The car is filthy, but I just had to post come pics here: These wheels TOTALLY transform the car. Pics just don't do it justice !
  3. jimshadow

    Quirky things....

    Well....heading into week 3 of the Taycan being in the shop. (again) LOVE LOVE LOVE this car. It's been very very dependable except for 1 small issue that is tripping me up. The suspension. Started with a failed left rear suspension pump which took several days to arrive from Germany...
  4. jimshadow

    Clicking Sound From the Rear

    Past couple evenings when I get home I’ve noticed a rhythmic clicking sound coming from the rear right (drivers side) wheel well area. Tonight, I plugged the car in after being home for a few hours and there it was again. I DO have a ‘suspension error‘ light that has come on several times...
  5. jimshadow

    Road Trip Question

    Been reading today about road tripping and just came across @evanevery’s post here: I take a golf trip from Indiana to North Carolina twice a year. Really want...
  6. jimshadow

    @Porsche issues with buying a used Taycan off Lease

    I “bought“ (or so I thought) my 4s on November 11th from a local gent who leased it back in May. He needed to get out of it due to starting a business, so I picked it up at a great price. Wired the $ along with the required documents to Porsche Financial and they acknowledged the wire. Told...
  7. jimshadow

    New Member-Soon be Owner

    Greetings Taycan Forum! Currently a Panamera owner ('15 GTS @ 101,750miles). A friend has offered to buy the Panny and another acquaintance is looking to move his 2020 4S Taycan (4,000 miles w/ 93.4 kWh battery, and a few other full leather interior). This will be a...