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  1. I am genuinely shocked by how much attention this car attracts on a daily basis.

    Any chance you passed through North Marin on the 101 a few days back? Think I might've saw you! Or at least first Neptune I've seen in the wild. Excited since mine's due in Sept
  2. Is a base Taycan any fun at the track? -> Video, pics, data from Laguna Seca

    I need to make it to Sonoma Raceway one day - super close to my home right across the 37. I haven't taken my 458 out to the track for fear of accelerated maintenance costs but just might with the Taycan given EV powertrain and Porsche's usually being a bit more track-ready. Doesn't look like...
  3. Track Your Dream Update

    This is now a 2023 build? My Start Production new date is now 7/8, so if so, looks like the cutoff is sometime between 7/8 and 8/26 builds. Probably bracketing the summer holiday shutdown from 7/31 to mid august that happens at the factory every year
  4. Track Your Dream Update

    Yeah, it seems like the original June builds (before delays) might be around the last 2022 models being built in this case. Mine got pushed back to a July production date after TYD updated May also somewhat depend on model - since mine is an RWD, it seems that's the one that gets built most...
  5. New CT on order, need help with build

    Spec looks good - seems to have most of the essentials. I'd add ACC personally, since it's a necessity for a daily driver use in stop and go traffic. But noticing you're living in SC, maybe less traffic so not as useful. Still might be helpful for resale - if I was in the market I'd rule out any...
  6. How much HP does a Turbo S REALLY have? Dyno Run Video

    Agreed, power is what really drives a car. Higher torque vehicles are great, because it usually means it generates more power (assuming similar peak HP) at lower RPMs, where most people drive
  7. Reducing 40 lbs Of Rotating Mass

    Is your car lowered on links/module, or is this just the lowest suspension setting? Fitment and stance looks great
  8. Awesome Custom Leather Tracker Fob Holder

    Oh interesting! Haven't seen or heard of that stateside
  9. Awesome Custom Leather Tracker Fob Holder

    ? What is the tracker, is it a UK specific thing?
  10. Front License Plate Wrap, Anyone?

    Would probably just not run one. Haven't gotten into any issues without front plates, with exception of the time my Ford Raptor was street parked in SF and I got a front plate ticket while parked from parking enforcement!
  11. My Production Estimated Dates vs Actuals

    Crazy, it seems CTs are far more limited in production than Sedans. You ordered well before me, and though your "rebuild car" after the ship fire has the same timeline as my original order, I'd think they'd prioritize yours over mine if they could. But I've now got TYD updates with a new...
  12. Other Hobbies

    Action pistol shooting. Specifically USPSA within the US, known as IPSC outside the US.
  13. Available Allocations & Incoming Taycans @ MSRP

    Thanks for the great info. This seems to be most consistent with what is going on in the market right now. Not surprised 2022 ordering is over, and 2023 allocations may be more limited. Also makes sense that sedans seem to be easier to get, and particularly RWDs (which is what I ordered). I know...
  14. Wheel fitment options

    Pscb likely won't fit on 19s. I believe if you select pscb on configurator it forces a 20 upgrade. There's a thread here with aftermarket wheels people have put on. Easiest solution likely is to contact vossen...
  15. Rented a Model Y

    It's gotta moreso be the adaptive dampers that Porsche uses, combined with their focus and expertise in suspension tuning. It seems for all their vehicles, not just Taycan, people praise the balance they strike to having a comfortable ride and fantastic handling. An example I often see is the...
  16. RWD vs S

    So I had the same concerns as you, re: RWD vs 4S speed. Still waiting on my RWD, and was only able to test drive a 4S before making a decision. Ultimately for me, it came down to thinking about how I realistically am going to use the car, and the fact that I already have a weekend car that is...
  17. 20K Mile Service Completed. Breakdown of Items Performed & Cost

    My dealer was "MSRP" but tacked on the 2yr/20k prepaid service for around what OP paid. Also had doc fees that were a bit rich at ~$500. So a lot closer to a $1.2k markup really, since I knew going in the 20k service didn't provide really anything for the money. But alas, guess I should feel...
  18. This is really painful... crashed my Taycan into a cement pillar

    As a silver lining it looks like it only impacted the door panel, so at least it's only 1 replacement panel vs 2 if you had hit the fender too
  19. OEM Trunk Liner Vs Weathertech ?

    I don't know if anyone has the trunk liner, but people have compared the floormats from both and the weathertech is better. For what it's worth, I think weathertech is usually better than OEM rubber mats as far as quality goes. The weathertech ones I got in our GX460 feel tougher than the OEM...
  20. Taycan Production to Stop for a 'Substantial' Period of Time

    Not insignificant price increase as well for 2023, at least for RWD and CT4 is $4k. That was the main reason I wanted to avoid getting bumped to 2023, given that there didn't seem to be any material changes. Perhaps 2023 would have an advantage on depreciation but I think a lot of these higher...