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  1. Oink

    Sport Chrono function in the PCM missing? Do you have it?

    I've never seen this in a Taycan myself, but it is available in the PCM simulator and has been since it came online, and someone posted a picture of their 2022 CT4 with it showing. It is, however, not visible in our 4S with the sport chrono package, nor has it been in any of the loaners I've had...
  2. Oink

    4S+, Turbo, M3P. Loaners and own car -- some thoughts in rambling.

    Got a '20 Turbo loaner while the 4S was in for the umpteenth time, and I was quite floored, and scared, by the power upgrade. The 4S with the bigger battery is quite a beast, and I love flooring it. I have, however, become quite desensitized to the speed at which the car gets up to speed. This...
  3. Oink

    15mm/10mm front/back spacers WITH rear-axle steering?

    Anyone done this? Any issues with this? Running 20" on both summer and winter, and I'm finding the sight of the wheels being tucked in too far quite an eyesore on an otherwise beautiful car.
  4. Oink

    Fixing leather creases on the seat bolsters?

    Just got my car back after 33 days. It's still not fixed yet, but at least it's been updated and a new camera installed. Weirdly enough they gave me a new windshield claiming that it had to come out as they had to disassemble the dash for some cable work. Oh well. On to the topic at hand -- As...
  5. Oink

    Anyone with Burmester and/or the stock stereo mind testing this to see if you have interior rattle?

    Car is in for the N'th time (stretching my ability to count this on two hands...) and I told them I do not want it back until it's been dealt with. Now I have a loaner also with the Bose stereo, and it has the same nasty issue of sounding like a car about to come a part. I'd like someone with...
  6. Oink

    Map updates and traffic.

    Any idea how the map updates work? Are they done live like Apple, Google, and Bing maps, or do we need to install updates via OTA? God I hope not. I do not miss pirating Audis maps because they wanted your first-born son for a copy. Not that this would be the same, but... two steps forward, one...
  7. Oink

    How exactly does the four-wheel drive system work? Sliding on snow.

    Driving in Normal mode I see mainly the back wheels being used unless I'm going uphill and the car needs traction. There's a lot of frozen snow here in Bergen, Norway, and I kept having the rear slide out in the parking lot while turning. Is there no true AWD or am I just too accustomed to Audis...
  8. Oink

    All cameras malfunctioning. No error messages.

    Started up the car today and had no camera functionality. The PCM and IC report no errors. I've tried the two-finger reboot into engineering mode and then rebooting the pcm from there -- no dice. I also let the car chill for an hour after coming home and booted it up again to the same problem...
  9. Oink

    Speed bumps.

    Still waiting on my car and was wondering what your experience with speed bumps are. Here in Norway they’re supposed to be 10cm, but by experience it seems this varies wildly from area to area. I’m a bit concerned as I’m not used to such a low car. I know that range and sports+ has the car in...