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  1. andix

    Leaving my Taycan for 6 months. Leave it plugged in or not?

    The 12V issue is resolved
  2. andix

    Charging complete at only 92% ?? Help Please

    Does it continue to charge if you hit "direct charging"?
  3. andix

    Car switches on by itself…

    There's a sensor in the seat, so when you get in, the car goes on automatically and you don't have to press start.
  4. andix

    Taycan - Worth the Wait?

    Awesome car, I am very happy (turbo).
  5. andix

    Taycan is One Of Top 15 Used Cars More Expensive Than New

    Here in Europe, the new GT3 tops the list with more than 35% up from new list price.
  6. andix

    Is Taycan/ Porsche right choise for me?

    The mileage per year is what we should talk about. 1. EVs are very well suited for constant use & charging cycles 2. The battery warranty keeps you safe here 3. charging: will you have enough options to charge on the routes you will be traveling? 4. charging: can you charge over night on trips...
  7. andix

    What mileage are you getting?? I’m disappointed…

    Regen is always worse than letting the car "sail" w/r to range. Frankly, what you're getting is ok if you just drive and don't pay attention to the EV specifics. You can get maybe 10-15% more if you always pre-heat/ condition the battery, sail a lot, and especially use the range mode.
  8. andix

    What speed would a Taycan Turbo S be capable of unlimited?

    Permanent power with the TTS is 625 HP. The drag coefficient is 0.22. Assuming the 2nd gear is adjusted to the speed, it should do approx 205 mph (based on other cars with the same perf/ drag, e.g., Ferrari Roma)
  9. andix

    First real OTA update for the Taycan 2020 and 2021 happening April 27th…

    You got it all wrong: * It's not an OTA update – they change the server (backend software) * you need to re-login after * OTA: Porsche got it right. They built a secure system with "air gap" (i.e., no connection) between front-end infotainment system and important core systems * That's why...
  10. andix

    Taycan Made Better?

    I am very happy with my Taycan Turbo. If I discount the first few weeks where I had two problems, even quality wise the best car I ever had. Problems are more EV related in general, especially range at high speed. Also, the weight (which btw is hidden very well by all that tech compared to...
  11. andix

    Honest feedback required - does the Taycan work as a luxury car?

    I am very happy with the Taycan Turbo. It's very luxurious by my standards, but I come from sports cars mostly (plus BMW 5-series and the likes). However, there are some differences to the S-class. These mainly origin from the fact that the Taycan is an EV: * range – you need to plan if you go...
  12. andix

    How long are you planning to keep your Taycan?

    The car is pretty perfect now, so don't want to sell. Also, what would I buy then?
  13. andix

    10 day Vacation Question - Leave Taycan Plugged In?

    Nope. Keep it between 40 and 70%
  14. andix

    Study says Taycan loses 20% of range in winter

    These non-scientific studies are useless.. The amateurs always compare apples to oranges and cars with different features. Depends a lot on pre-heating etc. However, also worth mentioning that the Taycan "offiial" range is understating what you will get on the road.
  15. andix

    Porsche to build out own charging network

    As they say: "the more, the merrier" Ionity is great, but doesn't cover several regions offsite the main traffic routes in Europe.
  16. andix

    Your favourite Taycan option & why?

    1. RWS 2. HUD 3. PDCC (Air suspension is standard on mine, but it's definitely great)
  17. andix

    Porsche car insurance

    Is this US specific? Here, Porsche have their own repair shops – which are excellent and expensive as you would imagine.
  18. andix

    Porsche car insurance

    Repair at a non-Porsche shop isn't a good idea in a super complex system like the Taycan.
  19. andix

    Lucid test drive

    Same here Also, I fear these small startup companies have even worse service than Tesla