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  1. Picked up my 2022 Volcano Gray Taycan GTS

    Congrats! Wheels look great. Best wheels for the GTS! (especially for the reasons you mention - for the rest of us who don’t have the luxury of driving on nicer well-kept roads)
  2. Taycan GTS RS Spyder Wheels vs Mission E Wheels

    20” GTS (turbo S) black wheels are better than any of the 21” factory options. Fight me.
  3. My Ice Grey GTS is finally here!

    GTS sport sound is deeper in tone and slightly louder. There’s also a simulated “rev-matching” blip sound when deccelerating.
  4. Taycan GTS Hockenheimring Edition😉

    meh. At least based on pics, this is my least favorite of all the off-white shades. Sure it will be very unique and exclusive, but that's about all it has going for it. Chalk/crayon and Ice grey are far nicer. I would even pick coffee beige over this sh1t stain of a color. Just my...
  5. GTS Build

    I believe ambient interior lighting, thermally insulated glass, and tinted top windshield are all standard for GTS in the OP's market. One argument against rear climate controls is if you have small kids that are bound to screw around with it. I omitted this option because of them :)
  6. Anybody else bothered by how the VLC roof looks on the outside vs regular pano?

    around 11:15 on RBR's new GTS ST video... I posted about this same concern on a different thread but dismissed it based on CarWow's video suggesting it looks the same. But RBR's video shows it is clearly not the same. The VLC roof shows the cutout whereas the regular pano roof hides the...
  7. GTS price increase for MY 2023

    Just noticed that the configurator on Porsche's USA site already reflects new pricing for 2023 models. I now get a prompt when loading previously saved configs to the new model year 2023 pricing. This price hike is not as bad as I expected considering the global shortages and higher cost of...
  8. Chalk with Bordeaux Red or Carmine Red with GTS Interior Package

    I went with Chalk with Bordeaux red on my GTS sedan, mainly because I did not want a race-tex steering wheel. I would've been fine with race-tex seats and everything else, but just not the steering wheel. From my experience with the GT3 and some Audi alcantara steering wheels, they just don't...
  9. GTS Sport Turismo Carrara White - So far, so good

    Congrats! Looks great. How are the 21” continental all-seasons performing for you? Are they good enough for spirited daily driving or is replacing them with stickier summer tires already on your to-do list?
  10. A Day in the Lakes and 4x GTS

    Agreed. I listened to the Bose system on a 4S that I test drove and even on default factory settings, it sounded very good and better than what I usually expect from Bose systems in other cars. It sounds better than the Bose in our Audi and closer in dynamic range and sound staging to the B&O...
  11. First Neptune Blue GTS Sedan?

    In person, Neptune is actually flat/grey blue, but that’s what makes it so unique and what I love about. Some pics posted of Neptune blue here tend to oversaturate the blue making it less flat and more metallic and shiny looking. So these pics on this thread are actually a pretty accurate...
  12. Switchover to Model Year 2023 When?

    I guess my car will end up being a 2023 the way the world is going right now. Preparing the lube for a 2023 model year larger-than-usual price increase…
  13. New Owner Volcano Grey

    congrats jonbek! beautiful taycan I think OP was referring to the new colored icons in the native PCM menu screens, which is associated only with the latest PCM 6.0. ACP is always with colored icons regardless of PCM version. Some pics of the colored icons on the latest PCM software were...
  14. It's here... white GTS sedan

    Looks awesome! Congrats. All the light colors really make the GTS scream GTS if that makes any sense :)
  15. Haven't received Track Your Dream invite email

    Q: Is the TYD Track My Porsche app available for iPhones/iOS? Is it a separate app or is it part of the MyPorsche app already available on iOS?
  16. Just took delivery 2022 GTS Sedan [updated with 0-60 mph Dragy results]

    What a beauty! congrats. There’s a no cost option 6F0 “Deletion of "GTS" Logo on Side Skirt Inlays” - so perhaps that was checked in that build? Do you have the window sticker? Or maybe it was just a screw-up at the factory during assembly that hopefully your dealership will be able to...
  17. GTS build - time to lock in

    Oh so locking-in the build is just a self-imposed limitation to prevent indecisive customers from endlessly waffling between color combos and options selections, and has nothing to do with actual progress along the production queue? I guess that makes sense because I too have gone from frozen...
  18. Anybody else spec 14-way massage and ventilated seats for their GTS?

    Thanks for the votes of confidence everyone. With 14-way comfort seats covered by dead cow, massage, and 20” wheels, I suppose my GTS will be as cushy as a GTS can possibly get. And that’s how I roll!
  19. GTS build - time to lock in

    excuse my noob question here…. what exactly does “locking in” your build accomplish? Does it expedite your build on the order queue? Does it get you an allocation sooner if you don’t already have an allocation? Previously I just assumed “locking“ of your order just happens in due time on...