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  1. Ambroos

    Car went into neutral then park spontaneously - deja vu all over again

    @taycan_mbt interesting, that would be the likely fix since the cause seems to be the on-board charger
  2. Ambroos

    electric shock??!!!

    Static electricity is annoying and does not need metal to occur. If there was an electrical current on something you would feel it continuously when touching it. If it's a static charge you'll feel it discharge once and then it'll be gone (until either you or the thing you touch builds a charge...
  3. Ambroos

    Radio Favorites Dissappearing

    It is related, it's just PCM-only user data that gets lost. Radio favourites, saved locations and recent destinations are all in the same storage type it appears.
  4. Ambroos

    Audi MMI getting native Apple Music

    All Audi's nowadays have MIB3 infotainment, at the core it's the same as the one in the Taycan. They just have a different skin on top of the same system / services. The same bugs too. Makes sense that these features appear for Audi now too.
  5. Ambroos

    Car went into neutral then park spontaneously - deja vu all over again

    No point, Porsche is clearly aware and taking it very seriously. I'll just keep an eye on the TSB and will take it to the dealer when a fix is available.
  6. Ambroos

    Car went into neutral then park spontaneously - deja vu all over again

    In the US it shows up as the 19.2kW charger in the option list, but it's the same unit. It's not as common in the US as in Europe. To benefit from it in the US you need a pretty wild charging setup which does not exist in public charging and is rare even at home. In Europe you can actually find...
  7. Ambroos

    Car went into neutral then park spontaneously - deja vu all over again

    They're hard to find, only dealers have easy access to them.
  8. Ambroos

    Car went into neutral then park spontaneously - deja vu all over again

    There is now a TSB for this: It's very serious. Based on this it can happen on all 2022 Taycans with the 11kW on-board charger (not with the 22kW one strangely enough). When this issue is reported to dealers, dealers have to...
  9. Ambroos


    It's such a good color in the right environment. Cherry exterior, all accents matte black. Interior is all black with the bordeaux seatbelts (which are a great match for the cherry exterior). I love it, I'm really glad I went for it.
  10. Ambroos

    Taycan is One Of Top 15 Used Cars More Expensive Than New

    Tesla probably outpaces the used prices by constantly increasing the price of new orders.
  11. Ambroos

    Totally in the dark regarding the status of my build. Any others?

    If your car falls into the production for a new model year I could see this happen. As long as your order is properly listed in TYD it exists, and it will be produced when they can. Do remember that Porsche needs parts that are usually produced in a country currently at war, that there's a...
  12. Ambroos

    RWD Power/Weight vs Accel Anomoly

    The RWD Taycan definitely has some sneaky logic to make braking safe with regen only on the rear axle. Stopping in a straight flat line for example it'll use tons of regen. But if you brake before going into a turn and keep the braking going in the turn (eg a highway exit that after a strong...
  13. Ambroos

    Using iPhone as a key?

    Only available for certain BMW and Hyundai group (Hyundai, Kia, Genesis) models so far. Audi has a similar thing with Audi Connect key, but it's only available in certain regions and uses NFC, not BLE / proximity, so is less useful than a regular key. The Taycan really needs the regular key...
  14. Ambroos

    Porsche maps versus Google/Apple maps

    In situations with heavy traffic requiring rerouting nothing beats Google Maps (and maybe Apple Maps / Waze). The Porsche navigation gets some traffic information but it's not used to navigate all that well. As soon as I see the built-in navigation report traffic I switch to Google Maps...
  15. Ambroos

    POLL: Is your Taycan missing the Charging Planner

    I have a feeling this is related to the backend update that was done for the '20 and '21 cars, and I also think this likely means FoD will be available for '22 cars very soon.
  16. Ambroos

    POLL: Is your Taycan missing the Charging Planner

    I have no idea how or why, but my Charging Planner menu has magically appeared today! Base Taycan, no PIRM, built mid-January. Does it work? Yes, although it gets very confused by ferries. If it needs to add a charging stop after a ferry it just gets stuck "thinking" about the charging plan.
  17. Ambroos

    Good Test of ACC/ALK/Innodrive in Taycan

    Lane Change Assist has that cost associated with it because it adds two additional radars in the rear. They also get used for some other safety features. It's really useful as an alert to not drive into other people during a lapse of focus. In the US where highway lanes are the wild west and...
  18. Ambroos

    Looking for a Bluetooth Low Energy OBD for A Better Route Planner

    Works on my end with the vLinker MC+ on an Android phone. Doesn't seem super useful so far.
  19. Ambroos

    175kw from 150kw charger

    Many of the 150kW chargers have an amperage limit that puts it at around 150kW for 400V vehicles, but with 800V architectures they're no longer amperage limited, but just total power delivery limited and they'll do a little over 150kW. Typically 175kW. The 350kW chargers have the same dispenser...
  20. Ambroos

    Good Test of ACC/ALK/Innodrive in Taycan

    I'd really like to compare FoD Innodrive with factory Innodrive. I have the factory one and I really like it (it's basically the same as Audi's new Adaptive Cruise Assist). Turned off the automatic speed adjustment, besides that I use it with everything engaged. The steering is very reliable in...