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  1. KTC

    Vossen HF5 wheels on Turbo Taycan

    Finally got my winter setup. Vossen HF5 20x9 front, 245/45R20 Pirelli PZero Winters NF0 Elect Vossen HF5 20x11 rear, 285/40R20 Fits very well. Flush to edge of car, calipers cleared! :)
  2. KTC

    Pre-winter wash.

    Washed today. First time using a Bigboi blowR as well. Finished with Technicians Choice and CarPro PERL. Winter shoes coming in next week!
  3. KTC

    Winter daily?

    Picture for attention. Serious question (yes I did a search), but wondering for those who live in snowy/icy places, have you / do you plan to drive your Taycan frequently through the winter? If so: - Are you using the stock setup with all-season tires? If so, how are they on packed snow / ice...
  4. KTC

    Panorama view 3.0.6 update?

    Has anyone done this yet? Just got this OTA today but in general I don’t do the upgrades in case it causes more problems. Would appreciate anyone’s experience, if they noticed any benefits, etc.
  5. KTC

    New Weathertech floor liners ($100 OBO)

    I bought a set of Weathertech black Taycan floor liners for the driver + front passenger. They are new in box (originally shipping box still sealed) and never installed. I bought them and decided to go with the Porsche OEM all weather ones instead. It costs me $100 to ship back to Weathertech...
  6. KTC

    Reverse beep

    Didn't notice this before today, but the Taycan makes a pedestrian beeping alert on reverse!!! What is this, a truck?? Much more annoying than the trunk closing sound. This definitely needs to be turned off. Any ideas?
  7. KTC

    OFFICIAL: TeslaTap Mini Adapter GROUP BUY is now AVAILABLE

    Hi friends: Thanks to all the interest here, the kind folks at TeslaTap have announced a 15% discount price for our group for their MINI 60A and MINI 80A adapters: For more information please see this thread here. This adapter...
  8. KTC

    Missing charging cable

    So car arrives and I look at the charging bag in the trunk and it has everything but the cord from the charger to the car. Buildsheet says it comes with a 25-ft cord. Emailed the sales rep, no response. Left a message with the GM, no response. Sent a note to PCNA, no response. Obviously not...
  9. KTC

    TeslaTap Mini 60 Amp GROUP BUY

    HI: Anyone interested in a group buy for the Tesla Tap Mini? I'm discussing with the manufacturer and they would like to know the interest level. Discount TBD. Please holler so I can include you in the count. Thanks.
  10. KTC

    SOLD: 2017 Porsche 911 Carrera 4 GTS (CPO)

    It is with a heavy heart that I am letting go of my 2017 991.2 4 GTS in racing yellow. Had it for 2 years and lovingly taken care of (my wife says I care more about it than I do my kids), but I realized it's not the right car for me at this time. Really feel fortunate that I had the chance to...