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  1. fgwinn

    Range Comparison: 2021 Taycan 4S vs. brand new 2022 Taycan CT4 - real life drive together

    Curious to know the estimated miles on both cars at 98% SoC as well as the miles lost to overhead compared to the 120 miles driven.
  2. fgwinn

    I am genuinely shocked by how much attention this car attracts on a daily basis.

    Same here with Frozen Blue Metallic. When parked at a mall or sporting event I am usually surrounded by SUVs in repeating waves of black, grey, silver, white, black, gray, silver, white..... When someone walks by my FBM CT I suspect that they are thinking, "What is this car doing here?"
  3. fgwinn

    I am genuinely shocked by how much attention this car attracts on a daily basis.

    I have noticed this as well. While sitting in the bleachers at one of my 10-year old grandson's hockey games, another player's mother came up to me and said, "My son made me take a picture of him standing next to your car."
  4. fgwinn

    Alarm keeps going off

    Did you lock the car by pressing the proximity sensor on the door handle? If so, why wouldn't the door unlock when you inserted your fingers in the handle recess?
  5. fgwinn

    Radio Favorites Dissappearing

    The HOME and WORK addresses seem to exhibit the same behavior as Radio favorites, meaning they have to be re-entered. The recent destinations usually reappear when you are not looking, as if the Porsche software engineers are teasing the Taycan owners.
  6. fgwinn

    Radio Favorites Dissappearing

    While not directly related to radio/infotainment favorites, a similar issue plagues the GPS system. The recent destinations and HOME and WORK addresses disappear on a regular basis. Every time my wife re-enters our HOME address she needles me by asking how much we paid for this car. Perhaps the...
  7. fgwinn

    New campaign (WNA5) Power Electronics and DME Software Update

    In December, 100% SoC was 200 miles on my MY22 CT4. In March it was about 230 miles. And now after WNA5 with 70 degree weather I am seeing 100% SoC reaching 270+ miles. If next Winter 100% SoC is greater than 200 miles, then I could see attributing some improvement to the WNA5 update. Edit...
  8. fgwinn

    Lift GPS Accuracy

    I configured Smart Lift on my CT to activate just before reaching my drive. I did this coming from both the North and South directions. But, frankly I don't trust the feature and usually lift the car manually. The reason I don't trust the feature is that the GPS occasionally forgets my home...
  9. fgwinn

    PCA Parade in the Poconos

    What day do you have in mind? Saturday, 11-Jun? If so, I have family commitments on that day.
  10. fgwinn

    PCM is working better lately…

    I think it's just you. My car's software is up to date and I had the interior alarm sensor installed a couple of weeks ago. Today the PCM decided not to display the map in the center cockpit tube.
  11. fgwinn

    Cross shopping w Lucid

    Former Tesla M3 owner here. I hated the rough ride and substandard paint job. Neither of these is an issue in the Taycan. I especially appreciate four standard features in my Taycan 4 Cross Turismo - the 800v architecture, the two-speed transmission, the blended friction/regen braking system...
  12. fgwinn

    Parade 2022 meetup anyone?

    Can you elaborate on what you have in mind? Are you planning to start from your home State and pick up more forum members along the way?
  13. fgwinn

    Taycan 4S Road Trip Experiences w/ Performance Battery

    When I drove a Tesla and another Tesla owner would park next to me and cut my charging rate in half, I would walk up to his/her car and ask how long they owned their car. Usually it was a very short time. I would explain that every two chargers shared power and that both of our cars would charge...
  14. fgwinn

    Auto deploy door handles

    Not always. I have a large 3-bay garage with the Taycan parked in one of the outer bays. No other cars in the garage. I got tired of the door handles cycling through open and closed while I moved around in the garage. After a couple of days I disabled the feature.
  15. fgwinn

    Taycan 4S Road Trip Experiences w/ Performance Battery

    I think that the reason owners with slower charging EVs use the 350kW chargers is that they genuinely believe that their car will charge faster than it will at the 150kW charger. They don't understand that the charging rate is limited by the car.
  16. fgwinn

    OEM Trunk Liner Vs Weathertech ?

    I have the Porsche version of the liner. You can bend up the rear edge and access the lower trunk compartment for something small. But if you need two hands to remove a heavy object it would be easiest to remove the trunk liner first. I purchased the Porsche version of the trunk liner since the...
  17. fgwinn

    iPhone 12 Overheating during wireless charging

    In order to align my iPhone 13 mini with the console charger I used a velvet pen sleeve stuff with a short length of foam caulk backer rod as a spacer at the bottom edge of the charger "slot". I never got any overheating warnings on the iPhone 13 mini, but quit using the Porsche wireless charger...
  18. fgwinn

    Closest dealer with a CT to test drive is more than 300 miles away

    Sorry I can't help you from the East coast almost 3000 miles away. If someone showed up at my place with a Macan GTS I would definitely take them for a ride in my CT4 and probably let them drive it. There should be a few CT4s in your area and hopefully someone on the forum will reach out to you...
  19. fgwinn

    20K Mile Service Completed. Breakdown of Items Performed & Cost

    I agree 100%. My CT4 is only six months old and I already have deposits on two more EVs. Hoping one of them will be available at close to the 20K mile mark.